Friday, January 26, 2007

Snow Fun!

This winter we have had an abnormally large amount of snow but it was well received by my little ones! They had so much fun throwing snowballs, building snow things (they never quite looked like men) and torturing Calvin the wonder dog with throwing snow at him. Calvin seems to like it and jumps up to catch the snow in his mouth! Even though the snow is gone we still have fond thoughts of it. Hopefully it will be back again for a brief stay at least one more time this year!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A face to trust?!?

Now, I love both my boys dearly but Zane is one that you shouldn't turn your back on. He is sneaky in the most ingenius ways. Plus! when he is in trouble he gives you this look like "What? Me do something naughty?"He has huge eyes that just sparkle with mischief. Andrew was very rarely like this but I could see it coming with Zane from the time he was little. As he has gotten older he has not disappointed!!! What a fun little guy though. He is ready for any fun that will come his way and has an eye on the ladies already! But look at him! Isn't that a face anyone should trust?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Calvin the Wonder Dog

I need to take a moment and brag on a special member of our family that sometimes does not get the credit he deserves. I am referring to Calvin our wonderful dog of course. Calvin is the dog we have had for 5 years and he is sooooo good with the kids. They can pull at his face, ears, mouth, steal his toys, food and get in his face and the worst he does is sometimes make an irritated noise and then get up and move. How did we get so lucky to have such a good dog. Especially since he was a pound puppy! So, in case any of you come over and see the beast barking and growling at the door just know that he is a sweetie (not a rabid beast like he looks) and that he couldn't hurt a fly. (It's true, he chases flies around the house and when he actually gets them in his mouth he lets them go!)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Santa- A Bit Late

We took the boys to see Santa at Eric's work party. Santa had left the reindeer at home and arrived in a very cool helicopter. Zane was not very impressed but Andrew thought that it was very cool. I very luckily got a picture of Zane before the wailing set in. (Santa even could tell it was coming!) Andrew on the otherhand thought that it was all very cool. He was ready to tell Santa what he wanted. I think that Santa delivered too since there were no disappointed expressions on Christmas.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


My Andrew is a little swimming machine! He is so fearless in the water it is almost scary! I keep meaning to bring the camera to take pictures but I haven't got there yet. Maybe this week I will remember. Andrew loves when they get to jump into the pool from the side. Especially when they put the life jacket on him and take his class to the deep end! Crazy kid! We are trying to get him to learn to swim before we go on our trip to Mexico this summer. I would love to know that he has a little bit of swimming know how before we get down there. It would ease my mind a bit while we are busy making sure that Zane doesn't drown himself. Look for pictures of swimming lessons in the weeks to come!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Full disclosure statement

I believe there should be a full disclosure statement when you decide to have kids. The disclosure would involve those little tidbits of info that no one really talks about when you first think about getting pregnant. I mean items like when your three year old wakes up at 2:30 throwing up and you discover not only do you have to comfort them, clean it all up, change thier clothes, change thier bed and then start laundry (all while dealing with your own highly active gag reflex from the smell) but then you also have to wake up at the normal time the next morning because the little sick person somehow doesn't take into account the two hours of sleep they, thier mommy and thier little brother lost in the middle of the night taking care of them. A nap will do them just fine later on. (Fortunately it sometimes works out for mommy to take a nap too!) Who in thier right mind would sign on for that??!!??? Of course noone ever tells you how truly sweet and wonderful it is to hear your little person say "I Love You Mommy" either. I guess the good outweighs the bad. Although at 2:30 it sometimes doesn't feel that way!

Friday, January 12, 2007

I don't need you anymore!!!

"I don't need you guys anymore!" The words every mom is thrilled and sad to hear come from thier three year old. The other morning I went to get the boys up (they have taken to playing in Zane's crib until I haul my tired body out of bed) and lo and behold my Andrew is completely dressed! Not only had he taken his pj's off and gone potty but he had put on his clothes for the day. Now some of you mom's out there may be organized and have your children's wardrobe set out the night before. NOT I! He got into his dresser drawers and picked out what he was going to wear AND without any help from dear old mom he even matched! When I exclaimed my surprise over what he was wearing (after I went through the internal questioning of "I did put pj's on him last night..... didn't I?) he pulled out the ever popular phrase "I don't need you anymore!" The moment was bittersweet. The thrill and agony of my little ones growing up! Now I just have to wait for Zane to pull out the phrase and then I am really going to be in a world of hurt!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

My little surfer dudes!

Here are some pics from Barbados. Quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth! Zane was not fond of the sand but Andrew couldn't get enough of it.

More Catching up on Pictures

Here is a pictures of the boys in thier Halloween costumes. Hope you enjoy!

My Boy and His Best Friend

Here is a cute pic of my Andrew with his best girly friend in the world. This was at the zoo last year but it is the best I can do for pictures right now. More will come!

This is New

Here is the first ever blog for me. Not only is this strange but it is very outside the box. I think the goal is communication to friends and family especially pictures of the kids. Since I have the "A" baby and the "Z" baby I can add any other kid name and it will work! Anyway, I have to figure out the picture thing. Wish me luck!