Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Skagit Eagle Watching

Went to check out the eagles in Skagit County today. There were only a few out and most out of the range of my camera lens but I did get this photo before I threw in the towel.

The kids had a nice time at the park. It was a very nice sunny day and the park we went to had some great toys.

A nice sandwich lunch and then we called it a day. It was a long drive and we had to make sure we were back in time for Andrew's bus.

Some year Eric and I hope to do the float tour (or kayak) the Skagit to watch the eagles. I can only imagine how chilly it would be though!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lucy's 2 Year Old Checkup

Lucy had her 2 year old well child check today. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she has hit all of her verbal milestones right now. She only has to have 20 words and I am sure she has closerto 75. So yeah for Lucy!

Checked her stats today and she is growing just fine. Here's the latest!

Height: 34.75" 74%
Weight: 28# 12 oz 75%

Pretty proportionate. We talked about switching her from whole milk (I already had) and she got the a-ok approval from her doctor.

Currently Lucy is becoming more and more "little momma." She really likes playing with dolls and her stroller. And her jewelry. It is really cute watching her get so excited about babies.

Next checkup is in a year. Can't wait to see all the milestones we hit in the next 12 months!

Wii Wonderful

The boys adore playing the Wii that we got them for Christmas. The only trouble is that they want to play it so much! I can't complain too much though because they generally play very nicely together and don't fight. And the Wii for them is a very active activity. Lots of bouncing around, jumping and swinging. Perfect to get the wiggles out!

One of their favorite games to play is aLumerjack game. It is the right mix of challenge and play. Even Zane can play and win.

What a wonderful toy for our wet and dreary days!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cookies Anyone?

Tonight I made some cookies for the family. I adore the oatmeal scotchies on the butterscotch morsels bag. They are as easy as chocolate chip to make and I tell myself they are better for me because they contain oatmeal. All was going well until I pulled down my recently filled flour bin from the cupboard. As I pulled it down I felt my grip slip and well, I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Calvin found the flour tasty. Although it made it much more difficult to clean up in that spot.

Lucy was moderately traumatized by the mess. She kept looking at the flour and then at me. As though she wanted to deny any part of the mess!

Cooking with Sam: Always an adventure

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"No Spits!!!"

Lucy is not terribly talkative at this point. She has some words that she uses regularly but for the most part it is a flood of jibber-jabber with very little meaning. However, Lucy can say one phrase perfectly clear. Every time we try to spoon feed Gwen Lucy will stand right next to her and tell her "No spits!" repeatedly.

I think I told Gwen once and since that one time Lucy has picked up the phrase and declared it her responsibility to keep her sister's food in her mouth. It is very cute and quite strange that this is one of the only phrases that comes out crystal clear.

Gwen really likes peas and sweet potatoes. Green beans? Not so much!

Lucy is getting so big and helpful. I really do love the year that they are 2. It is so much work but it is so much fun to see their personality come out and hear what is on their little minds. Although it is usually closer to 3 before they can fully share. That is ok. It is like opening a present really slow.

We are working hard on cementing the idea that daddy is the best guy ever. Especially since he pretty much is. Gotta make sure no guy is as good to Lucy as daddy. We need all the rest to pale in comparison!

Giving daddy a kiss!

Reading Time

It is so exciting that Andrew is able to read. He enjoys finding books from the bookshelf and reading them to his brother. Lucy has too short of an attention span to sit and listen to him but Zane is perfectly content to sit as long as Andrew is willing to read. The other morning Andrew came upstairs and told me he was teaching Zane to read. Really? I asked. Yep, Andrew said. He wants to learn. Fabulous! Early reading is a-ok fine in my book for sure! Although I think Zane just memorizes parts of books and then recites them. We are getting there though!

Andrew was a wee bit grumpy with the interruption!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Who Needs AAA?

The tires on our cars needed to be rotated. In an attempt to educate the boys Eric had them help with the lug nuts.

Andrew was very excited to help. He can now help me if they need changed.

Zane was excited to help but not nearly as thrilled as Andrew. He did his fair share of the work though!

Some day in the not too distant future this task will be all theirs!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Almost Edible

Seriously, couldn't you just eat her up?

Miss Fairy Girl

One of Lucy's presents was a fairy costume. She was excited to put it on. It is kinda big but I think that it will be played with a lot in the months and years to come. Now we just need to take it to Disneyland to test it out on all the characters.

Not a very happy fairy.

Oh wait, that's better.

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy Fern

2. I can hardly believe it. I feel like it was just yesterday I was pregnant with her and seriously wondering if she really was the girl the ultrasound tech "thought" she saw. Lucy is a joy and delight and I am so excited that she is a big two year old now.

For her party we went for low key and mellow. Mostly just family and a few friends. I took Lucy to the store for party supplies and she wanted this princess-ish theme which I was more than happy to go for!

I tried to make her cake be a tiara or cupcakes. I don't know that it actually looked like a tiara but it tasted good and that is what is super important I guess.

The big 2 year old herself!

Sitting with Grandma Meow.

Lots of presents, mostly clothes. I love cute new girl clothes!

Deep Breathe In.....

Blowing out her candles!

Got to get super close. Almost burning her lips!!!

Covered in frosting. Mmmmmmm........

Can't hardly wait to see what this year will hold for her!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gwendalyn Lily- 5 Months

5 Months old. How time does fly. My sweet baby girl is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Is it sad to say that I miss her tiny newborn-ness? She is such an adorable little package and good as gold. She is getting stronger and stronger at sitting. In no time at all she will be crawling and walking and talking.

Looking for a toy.....

Oh hi mommy!

Oh yeah, where was that toy.....

Tasty, tasty, tasty!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pretty Gwenie Girl!

Just had to add this one too!


We finally made it to french braids! I have been waiting quite awhile for this. I know this isn't a standard french braid but I saw Heidi Klum with her hair like this on Project Runway a few months ago and I thought it was so pretty. I was just trying it out tonight. I still need to perfect it but I can see this hairstyle entering our repertoire!

She wouldn't really hold still for my photo taking. But here is the top.

A better picture of the top. Next time I will have her hair much wetter. I think it will be easier to handle. It is so wispy in the front.

Also I think I will start lower down, closer to her neck and then use up all the hair in the back. But for a first try I think it turned out pretty well.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sweet Snoring Sounds

Last night Eric helped with our church youth all night party. He came home and crashed with Gwen. They are both currently snoring together in the chair. Happy New Year everyone.