Friday, April 29, 2011

Reid Isaiah- 1 Month

Baby boy is one month old today. It is crazy that it has been an entire month already. We took Reid into the doctor's office this morning to get checked out. He is doing great and growing like a weed!

Weight: 12# 6.5 oz (97%)
Length: 22.75" (88%)

I would have gotten a better picture but Reid got a shot and has been sleeping ever since!

Another No Nap Day

Gwen woke up this morning with a fever. She was very snuggly and obviously didn't feel super great. We took Reid to get checked out at the doctor since today he is one month old. Then I ran to the grocery store for some milk and headed for home. By the time I got home Gwen had fallen asleep in the car. It was not unexpected and since it was almost lunch time I just plunked her into bed. I have done this lots of times and she has always slept fine.

Well today was obviously one of the exception type of days because within 30 minutes Gwen was up again for the day. I think her fever woke her up. It was quite high again. There is no trying to get her back to sleep either. She feels like she has taken her nap and to put her back down would be torture for everyone. It has been quite a long day.

The sick kiddo

A Rolled Waistband

Found a great deal on boys track pants at Target this week. They were clearance and only $4.98 a pair. I am discovering that as the boys get bigger it is harder and harder to get the really good deals on clothing for them. Usually a pair of non button waist pants will make it all the way through Andrew and Zane before they are completely destroyed and only good for the garbage. Andrew and Zane are very close in size these days. Only one size apart in pants and shirts. I have been anxiously awaiting a good deal on track pants for Andrew so I can pass down the pants that he has to Zane.

Once I got the pants home I showed them to Andrew. He was very excited about them and so was I. Then I had him try them on. They were a bit long and quite loose at the waist. Which was great because that means they will fit for a while. The pants that Andrew has been wearing are quite short on his legs and are starting to look a bit silly. Then I had the audacity to roll the waistband over one time. Just one time. Andrew immediately protested. He did not want the waistband rolled (there was no cinch ties in the waistband either). They were just too big and he wanted his old pants which I had already given to Zane. Too bad! I said. You are just going to have to live with them rolled. They would have fallen off his skinny little butt if they weren't rolled either.

Oh the joys of being a mean mommy. Andrew also protests when he gets new jeans and I try to roll the bottoms. He is going to be so much happier when he stops growing and is able to just buy clothing that fits. I think I will be happier too.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Egg Hunt

Easter morning at our house is a big deal. Eric has the kids trained to be VERY excited over an Easter egg hunt that we do every year.

This year the boys were quite competitive over it. I don't know who got more eggs but it certainly involved a bit of scrambling to make sure they got their fair share.

Lucy was much more laid back about the egg hunt. In fact I think she only truly found 4 eggs. But she was content with it and that works for me.

Gwen was somewhat baffled by the whole thing. She didn't participate in the hunt last year and didn't quite know what to do. We let her hunt first because she would only pick up a few and then we let the big kids in. She seemed to get it a lot after they mobbed the place.

Easter baskets for the girls this year included new sunglasses. They were quite excited over the new diva looks.

The boys got some cute little figurines to paint. Reid got one too. He is one of the boys you know. Then it was a quick bite of breakfast and off to church to celebrate the real reason for the holiday.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Family Movie Night

We had our very first family movie night last night. Andrew had read the book Holes in class and he really wanted to see the movie. I have seen it before and thought it was pretty cute. So we rented it from the library and decided to give it a try. All the kids had a great time staying up and eating popcorn. I thought that Gwen and Lucy would fall asleep before the movie ended. Gwen made it up until 9:45. We paid for it today. She was an exhausted mess all day. Next time we will start the movie a wee bit earlier I think!

Too Big for His Britches

Reid has officially made the jump into 3-6 month sized clothing. After two little girls that stuck much more closely to the standard growth chart this is somewhat of a surprise. Even though Andrew and Zane both grew this quickly it always makes me think I must be imagining things. There is no way this tiny little baby is growing that fast. But indeed he is. And I have to adjust wardrobes to fit with his body.

Fortunately I have a TON of 3-6 month little boy clothing in just the right seasons. Plus lots and lots of sleepers to keep him snuggly. Now if I can just get this whole milk and dairy sensitivity down I will be doing good. Just discovered cheese is an issue as well. Blasted sensitive tummy. No pizza and no cheese for me for a year. But like I said before, my sweet baby boy is worth it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

No More Milk

Reid has been quite pukey lately. And when I say puke I am not talking about a periodic bit of spit up. I am talking about full on stomach emptying volume. I think I have figured out why he keeps doing it though. I am pretty sure he has a lactose sensitivity and when I drink milk or eat an excess of dairy products he gets very gassy and throws up. Because of course the lactose passes right into my milk that he consumes. So, this is going to mean no milk for me for around a year. It stinks. Mostly because I can't have ice cream. But it really is worth it to keep my sweet little man healthy and happy.

Baseball Begins!

The boys both had their baseball season begin this weekend. It was a crazy Saturday with two rounds of baseball pictures and two rounds of baseball games. The day was freezing cold and rainy; and the fields were total and complete slop. Not ideal for kid sports but we were all thankful that the boys were finally able to play.

I was being super cheap this year and didn't buy picture packages of the boys. But they do look quite adorable in their baseball uniforms.

Andrew's game was at 1 and he got to play short stop and 3rd base. Andrew did great. He made a couple of plays and even managed to get a force out at 3rd. I see a lot of improvement in Andrew's playing this year. It helps that Andrew has been watching the Mariner's on tv with Eric and I. I think it helps him understand the game more and more. Although Andrew does still complain that there isn't enough running in baseball. Crazy kid.

Zane was very excited and quite nervous for his game as well. Although I think baseball and Zane are going to go together like two peas in a pod. He has been having fun at practice and I see no bored signs like I did when he was playing soccer. Zane got to start the game playing pitcher. Which in t-ball is a primo spot! Most of the hits go to the picture because the kids don't hit well enough to get it out of the infield. Zane also did really well hitting the ball when it was his turn up to bat. I am very excited to see how his whole season turns out!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub, Reid's in a Tub!

FINALLY got to bathe my sweet little man tonight! That blasted umbilical stump took forever to fall off. I finally resorted to using rubbing alcohol on it to speed up the process. A couple of applications and off it came. In fact it happened sometime during the night when we were changing Reid's diaper. I found it in bed with me. Ewwwwwww! Those things are just gross.

Since Reid was finally able to take a full bath I got ready to do it tonight. The kids wanted to have him in the tub with them. Um, no. And then they wanted to watch but Reid decided that it would be a great time to take a nap right as it was bath time. The kids will get another chance to watch. Maybe even tomorrow.

Reid finally woke up and Eric and ran to get him in the tub. He was not impressed. He screamed almost the entire time. I don't think he wanted a bath. I think he wanted to eat. But honestly that is about all he has wanted to do today so I wasn't feeling too bad for the little guy.

Reid did great and I can hardly wait to get him all scrubbed up again. At least with all the spitting up/puking he is doing lately it makes it easy for me to find a reason to give him a bath.

What a Bummer!

This baseball season is turning into a real dud. It has been such a horribly rainy spring the boys have hardly gotten to practice. Today should have been Andrew's first game. It is currently a monsoon outside, no one is going to be playing tonight. Fortunately there is a game this Saturday as well. We will have to give it another try then. Weather permitting it is going to be Zane's first game too!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tummy Time

I know tummy sleeping is strictly forbidden these days. Seriously though. It is too stinking cute for words.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Can't Resist

Because I can't resist posting pictures of my handsome little man...

A Reading Machine

This past week has been busy in more ways than just adding a baby. Zane has decided that he wants to learn how to read. And to be completely honest he has done a fantastic job with practicing.

We have been using an old set of primary phonics readers and it has been so much fun listening to Zane read them all. I am getting the impression that Zane is going to be more of an out loud reader than Andrew too. Zane likes the one on one attention that sitting and reading brings. It works for me. Anything to get him ahead of the game in school. Now that Zane has finished all the books in set 1, we are working on set 2. Set 1 was all short vowel sounds and set 2 has long and short sounds. Definitely more complicated but Zane is catching on quite quickly.

So proud of my big boy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beautiful Baby Blues

Most of the time this is all that we see of Reid.

But occasionally we get to see these beautiful little eyes. I am thoroughly convinced that they are going to be blue like Lucy's when they are done changing.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sweet Big Sis

Letting 4 big siblings take turns holding Reid is proving to be quite the adventure. The boys are always thrilled to take a turn with him. I can depend on Andrew and Zane to quite happily hold him on the couch while I go and get stuff done. Lucy and Gwen are less than reliable and I have to watch Lucy like a hawk and sit right next to Gwen. Who knows what they would do if they were done holding Reid and I wasn't there to catch him.

Tonight the bigger 3 were happily playing a game and I gave Gwen a chance to hold Reid. Gwen was over the moon with him. She snuggled right up next to me and let Reid sit on her lap for almost 15 minutes. She kissed his sweet cheeks and hugged him. Her turn ended when name the babies body parts turned into an opportunity to gouge out his eyes. She was very determined that her turn was not done though. I would ask her if she was all done and she very definitively would tell me no. I can't wait to see how their friendship evolves as Reid gets older.

A Bath for Reid

Since we are still waiting for Reid's umbilical cord stump to fall off, it was time for another sponge bath and hair washing. I love bathing my babies. Something about getting them all warm and snuggly in pajamas after a nice bath just feels right to me so this whole in between time where you have to just make do is kinda torturous for me.

It had been a few days since Reid got a bath so he was definitely overdue for one. Eric was in charge and Reid screamed the whole time. It really isn't a commentary on Eric's bath giving skills though. Reid screams just as much for me. Soon, soon there will be no stump to mess with and I will be able to get that kiddo all scrubbed up!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bringing Home Reid

Everyone was so excited to have Reid come home from the hospital on Wednesday. And Eric and I were thrilled to be home as well. My mom had come and watched kiddos at our house and it was so nice to be able to walk into our house and have everyone there. No extra stops to pick up kiddos on the way.

To say that the kids were a whirlwind would probably not fully describe the insanity that was walking in the door. But it was a fun whirlwind and one that I fully expected. Everyone wanted to be right in Reid's face and say hi to him. Poor baby boy was completely over-stimulated and screamed for about an hour but fortunately for him he is going to get used to all the extra people wanting to love on him.

So far settling in has gone pretty well. Everyone continues to adjust in the anticipated ways and Eric and I are thrilled to be back to sleeping a wee bit more than in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Reid had his first doctor checkup yesterday and weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces and is right on track with where he should be. He is also eating constantly and I can tell my milk is on its way in so I should be seeing even chunkier cheeks in the next few weeks. Extra water is going to be my friend so I can make enough milk to feed this moose boy. It reminds me of feeding Zane.