Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pilates Time with Mom

Now let me start by saying I don't want to hear even one word about the toys all over the place. My house looks like a pit and Eric is not exactly friendly with the zoom button. Anyway, this morning all my crew decided to do the Pilates video with me. Andrew is the only one that actually did all the stuff. Zane quit within minutes of Eric taking the picture and Lucy does her best. Most of the time she runs around me and gives me kisses. Sweet of her but not helpful in the least. Anyway, I thought they were adorable. They all are going to have abs of steel!

Warming Up

The Roll Up

Sunday, September 27, 2009


When I found out we were having another girl my mind instantly went to one thing. And that thing was called matching dresses. The fact that they are close in age helps greatly. I will be able to do the matching thing for quite awhile. Anyway, Gwen has basically outgrown 0-3 months clothing and I knew I had to get a photo of the girls matching before it was too late. It wasn't exactly easy to get these pictures but here you go!

Lucy wanted to take pictures too. She even went upstairs to get the camera from where she had stashed it. Although you can't see Lucy check out the huge grin on Gwen. She was so thrilled to be sitting next to her sissy. I don't know that I have ever gotten a smile that big out of her!

Lucy was trying to hug Gwen instead of just sitting next to her.

I think Lucy wanted to throw Gwen off her lap. It was nervous desperation that kept my hand on Gwen. Lucy kept trying to move Gwen by her head. Joy and delight!

I think that photos in the future should be easier... hopefully. But aren't they just adorable all matchy matchy?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gwenie Smiles

Sweet little girl, double chin and all!


Finally got a picture of Andrew in his uniform. He has been playing like a trooper these last few weeks. Today they played a team that seemed almost as good as his team. A lot of it has to do with competitiveness at this age and Andrew's team has it. It was a nice day. Not too hot, not too cold and not rainy at all! Perfect soccer weather for the parents. I think the kids might like it a bit cooler because they tend to get kinda sweaty but for me it was a great day. Andrew has developed into much more of a defensive player than an offensive player. He is very conscience of the goal while he plays and getting the ball out of their side of the field. Very fun to watch.

Gwen and Grandma

Zane likes going to the games because my mom and Alice both bring him snacks to eat and things to drink. Once those are gone the game becomes very boring. LOL!

The soccer stud himself! He played a great game and we are so proud of him!!!!

Costume Fun

The boys have been having fun with costumes lately. Lucy always wants to dress up too but she is quite picky about what she is wearing. I have a chicken costume that the boys both wore for Halloween when they were about Lucy's age and I decided to try it on her last night. She did not enjoy it (although the boys didn't either, I think the wings are irritating) but she did like a fairy costume that I got from Joanna. I still need to get new wings (saw some at the dollar store, LOVE IT!) and she probably won't wear them but she looked stinkin' cute running around the house in the costume.

Race car driver Andrew

Race car driver Zane

This was the best picture of the whole costume I could get of Lucy. I should have tried later because she started playing and stopped noticing if I was taking her picture. It is just a tulle skirt and a leotard but too cute if you ask me!

My little princess. Hopefully she will wear the wings AND let me get a picture of them. I would say my chances of it are about 50/50.

The boys are going to be race car drivers for Halloween but I have a couple of options for Lucy. I have a Dorothy dress that would be cute or her princess outfit from Disneyland (as in the one she wore at Disneyland, I didn't spend $60 on it!). I would do this fairy costume but the skirt is REALLY long and drags. Maybe if I find a shorter skirt at the dollar store too. They did have them last week..... I am at a loss for what to do with Gwen though. The costume Lucy wore last year would be way too big (plus it was borrowed). No money for a new one unless I hit up the dollar store for it. Hmmmmmmm........ something to think about!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just Like Great-Grandma?

It has been bugging me and bugging me for weeks now everytime I look at Gwen. I keep thinking that she reminds me of some baby I have seen but I couldn't remember who. I finally remembered that she gets a look about her face that reminds me of my grandma. So yesterday when we went to my mom's house I dug through all the pictures my mom had of my grandma when she was a baby so I could compare them to Gwen. Sure enough I think I figured out where Gwen got her eyes from. It isn't so much the rest of her face but I am pretty sure that Gwen has my grandma's eyes. More than even the eye shape is the structure of her eye sockets. What do you think? Am I totally crazy?

Grandma Ilene


Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Lady

Gwen has been more alert the past few days. She is working herself into a pattern of sleeping until about 8 am, quick nap around 10. Then she is awake and fussy on and off from about noon to 3. Around 3 she takes another nap that usually lasts until about 6. Chill out with the family and then go to bed around 9. She is still sleeping wonderfully. Some nights until 5 or 6. Very, very nice!

Tonight I tried to give her some tummy time on the couch. It is difficult to do tummy time on the floor with all the kids and Calvin in the house. I end up paranoid that she is going to be stepped on. I think she will be a tummy sleeper (all my kids have been once they can roll over). She is looking pretty drowsy right now chilling on the couch.

She is such a sweetheart!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Morning Madness and a Lost Tooth!

Andrew's front tooth has been dangling for about a week now. We have been trying to convince him to just give it a good yank but he claimed he couldn't. This morning I could see the top of the tooth, as in a gap between the top of his tooth and his gum. It was literally dangling by a thread. One good twist and out it came! Andrew is so excited. He will be the first kid on his class tooth chart!
And since I was taking pictures of Andrew the rest of the crew needed in on the action!

So excited to do all the things his big brother is doing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zane Days

While Andrew is busy learning at school, Zane and I are having a great time playing, coloring and just hanging out. There is a stretch of time in the early afternoon that I call Zane and mommy time. Lucy is usually napping and Gwen is doing random baby activities. She is not too much of a bother though. It has been so nice to get some special time with Zane. He just craves one on one attention and his behavior generally improves when he gets his share of special time.

Can I just take a minute to give kudos to There are a ton of free coloring sheets of all the shows that my kids love to color. It is very cool that they can get a new coloring page anytime they want. Coloring books are great and we do those too but this saves me a bunch of money since I can print them as needed. And it allows all of the kids to color the same page if they want to. Not a possibility with one coloring book!

We have also done some of Zane's "preschool pages" that he has laying around the house. Anything is free game as long as it gets some one on one attention from the momma. I am just glad that right now I am able to give it to him!

Fun in the Yard

We are soaking up the end of the nice weather in Western Washington. All too soon it will be too chilly (and too dark) after dinner to go out and play. That is going to be a real shame because my kiddos have truly enjoyed a big after dinner romp in the yard in the evening. It is nice because it give Eric and I an opportunity to chat without competing with the kids for attention. They happily play and we get to relate our day to each other.

Andrew is a super big brother. Always willing to push Lucy on her swing!

It is so nice that Lucy is able to play on the swing set without assistance. She is such a daredevil!

I am hoping for a few more weeks of nice weather. Winter can be so long and I am a total wuss about going outside when it is chilly!

Silly Girl

Gwen has had a kinda fussy day (I think we are milk supply building). I put her down on the couch because she was reasonably happy and went to go unload the dishwasher. Next time I looked (which was only 4 minutes later!) this is how I found her.

Silly little girl. She was cranky but sleepy all at the same time!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gwendalyn Lily - One Month

Not only is the first day of school for Andrew today it is also Miss Gwendalyn's one month birthday! It is always amazing to me how very quickly time flies. She is doing really good and is an absolute dream baby. Most nights she sleeps from about 9 until 3 which is wonderful for me. I look at her and think about how she is the little girl that I never even thought to wish for. I always thought Eric and I would have all boys and that if we ended up with one little girl we would be super blessed.

Then Miss Gwen came and I know that I am surely blessed to have her. She is a wonderful and easy baby. Just what I could handle right now. God certainly knows what he is doing!

I had to take Gwen to the doctor for a checkup today. Here are the latest stats:

Heigth: 22.5" 92%
Weight: 10# 15 oz 92%

Not to shabby. She is doing great and got her second Hepatitis B shot. There was a lot of screaming when they poked her but she got over it quickly.

I can hardly wait to see how much she is going to change in the next month!

First Day of First Grade

School started today and Andrew was all ready to go! He is very excited to be a big first grader this year and play on all the big kid recess toys.

Andrew's favorite thing about school (as of yet at least) is the bus ride to and from school. Most parents take their kids the first day but Andrew would be so sad to be denied the bus even once.

I tried to get him to turn around and smile but he was a man with a mission!

I am excited to hear all the things he loves about his new class this afternoon!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun with my Crew

I feel like we are starting to hit our stride. Adding a new baby is always semi-disruptive for everyone. Not that the new baby is really that much extra work (she does sleep most of the day!) but rather adjusting to the IDEA that there is someone else in the house that is vying for time and attention. Plus the new one requires mom to be the food source rather than mom telling them to get something out of the fridge on their own. The one I have really noticed the change in is Zane. It was so good to have his party this last week and celebrate his birthday. He got some focused "Zane" time and it was what he definitely needed. His attitude and meltdowness has been less which was super nice.

I started this blog post right before dinner and am now finishing it after. The craziness of the dinner hour was about usual tonight. I had Gwen screaming and the kids whining and fighting because they were hungry. I was just trying to get everyone taken care of without losing my mind. Fortunately I wasn't starving myself so I was able to focus. When I am hungry all I can think about is food so the kids unfortunately get the short end of the stick (as in a psychotic yelling mommy) until I get fed. Anyway, even with the craziness it was a good evening. I am so thankful for my kiddos. They are such fun little people and I adore being with them always!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Circus Act!

This is how Lucy has wanted Eric to carry her lately. She lays up there perfectly still and lets him go up and down stairs. She is totally trusting and he is a bit paranoid that he is going to lose balance and drop her. I think it is very sweet that she trusts her daddy that much. The boys would never have let him do that. They would have flailed and flipped out after about 10 seconds.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lucy's New Room Part 2!

Added some new stuff to Lucy's room today. It is pretty much done. I think it is looking quite adorable!

The official Lucy and Gwen picture.
Super cute name plates made by Tracie

A new reading pillow and throw pillows I got for FREE from a friend from church.

The matching area rug!

I know it looks kinda bare above the bed but I think if I put stuff up there Lucy will just rip it down. Other than that doesn't it look adorable?

Evergreen State Fair

The Evergreen State Fair is a tradition at our house. Usually I have entered a photo to be judged but this year proved to be quite dry in the realm of "fair worthy photos." However, there is one staple of fair life that must not be missed and that is the food. So off we went on $2 Tuesday!

First stop this year was the pig races. They were adorable as always. Andrew wanted to be a section cheering leader for the final race but other children were chosen. He took the disappointment well though.

Once the pig races ended we headed off to the food. Lunch consisted of hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries and pop. Fair food is ridiculously overpriced if you ask me but it is part of the experience for sure!

After filling up the tummy tanks we headed off to see the animals. We started with the chickens and rabbits. Lucy was not fond of the chickens. They kept crowing and she would jump and stare in a terrified type of way. Somehow a chicken farm is not in the cards for us anytime in the future!

We checked out the petting farm area which was almost entirely a bust. Andrew was the only one to really enjoy the animals. Zane and Lucy were both terrified of the strange creatures wandering around.

All that walking wore out my Lucy so she took a nice nap. It was wonderful to have our big double stroller!

Zane was pretty unsure about the animals in general. He liked the baby animals (regardless of size) but acted scared of the adult ones. So, even if it was an adult and you called it a baby he was fine. He is so much fun, lol!

Andrew thought the animals were exciting. He wanted to pet just about any that we saw. He really wanted to hold a chicken and a baby pig. They weren't letting anyone do that though so it was easy enough to explain.

Of course the kids both wanted to do rides. I think going to Disneyland has spoiled them because they didn't seem to get that the rides take tickets and tickets cost money at the fair. We ended the day with an elephant ear (my favorite!) and went and looked at the draft horses. There were lots to look at and it was a really fun time. Can't wait for next year to try some pictures at the fair again!