Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No Longer a Jellyfish

Andrew received his report card for his preschool 2 (the jellyfish) swimming class and he has passed on his first try! I was so shocked that I even asked his teacher after class if it was right. I couldn't believe it. She said if I don't think he is ready to move up then he could repeat it and that was fine but I figure she knows what he is ready for way better than I do! It is just such a shock since he took preschool 1 (the minnows, in case you were curious) 4 times before passing it, I was expecting at least 2 times to pass this one. Well, in the fall we will sign him up for the next level preschool 3 (the flounders, you know you were curious!) and see how he does with that. Swimming lessons are an adventure and Andrew likes it so much. I don't even look at it like a sport right now though, I look at learning to swim more like a life skill and I am determined for him to learn it!

Friday, July 20, 2007


We have just finished a week of VBC at our church. Eric and I both helped and the boys had an awesome time! Andrew got to be in the preschool class for the final time (he will be in the big group next year) and Zane got to hang out with the other little ones in the nursery. As you can tell from the picture I was a helper with the preschoolers and let me tell you, I am exhausted! The kids did great as a whole and we had a lot of fun singing songs and learning about Jesus. Today, the last day of class, the preschool group got up and sang for all the big kids and the mommies and daddies that were helping out. (I think Eric was the only daddy but he counts too!) The kids sang a penguin song and "Oh, how I love Jesus" It was awfully sweet. I don't usually get all mushy and teary but that almost did me in. Anyway, I always know that the week will be fun, exhausting and fulfilling all at the same time and this year was no different. Now just wait until next year when Zane is in the preschool class. Maybe I will be conveniently unable to help in there. God have mercy on his teachers and grant them patience. Although I should state, just to be fair, that he is usually a perfect angel for the people at church. I guess he saves up all his naughtiness for me!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day out with Thomas

Yesterday we went to Day Out With Thomas. The boys had such a good time riding the train (that just happens to look like Thomas) and playing with all the toys.

Andrew got to meet Sit Topham Hatt, the director of the line. Zane wanted nothing to do with him!

Zane blowing the whistle in the train engine the kids could play in!

Andrew playing conductor.

Two sweet boys who love Thomas!

It was amazing the amount of kids and parents that were at this event. Eric and I were mostly amazed at the wide variety of Thomas shirts that we saw. Who knew that the clothing line was that extensive. They had a gift shop too, of course, but the stuff was more expensive than in the store and our kids have way to much Thomas as it is!

Monday, July 9, 2007

The four year old party!

Andrew had his fourth birthday party yesterday and he made out like a bandit. The weather was quite warm and we had his party outside. We had a painting project for all the kids, a pinata, lots of presents, and of course cake and ice cream! I won't bore you all with the list of what he got but let's just say he was almost too busy playing with all his new toys to even say goodbye when people were leaving. I guess that is the fun part about being 4 though!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Officer Andrew

Check out the adorable outfit Teresa and Travis got Andrew for his big 4 year old birthday! He loved he police man uniform so he can look just like daddy! He wore it all day even though it was super hot and it looked like he was going to combust with heat! The uniform came complete with a hat and jacket, handcuffs and keys, whistle, radio, badge and ticket book. He is definitely ready to go to work! I am guessing that Eric will have him take it with him to the next squad function we go to because he looks too cute!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Andrew's Birthday

We spent Andrew's fourth birthday at the Woodland Park Zoo. This has turned into quite a tradition for us. We have been going since he turned two. We had a great day and met up with Daren, Sara and their two little ones Averie and Owen. We had a great time and saw some cool animals! The coolest for Eric and I was seeing a wolf for the first time. They are awfully shy and I don't think they care for people looking at them. We saw one moving to a new place to take a nap. Not exciting but pretty cool. We also saw a big grizzly bear swimming right next to the glass in the observation area. That was pretty amazing because the bear was huge!

My birthday boy as a butterfly!

Three little caterpillars!

Andrew and Averie at the petting zoo. They had a great time and it only took a couple of minutes of coaching to convince them to hug each other!

Andrew played on the tractor at the family farm. I think that he may have farmer blood in him!

Two very sleepy boys! They only lasted two minutes in the car before they crashed!