Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reid Isaiah- 10 Months Old

Curious. Playful. Busy.

10 Months Old
My Reid in a nutshell.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It Doesn't MATCH!!!

Miss Gwen has always had a mind of her own.She is quite particular about what she wears and what is done with her hair.

There is a strong independent streak in my Gwen that just will not quit. I ran into it the other day while I was trying to get her out the door.

I was desperately trying to get her dressed. She decided she wanted to have a bow in her hair. Since her dress was purple-ish and had some pink on it I went for the pink bow. Oh no. She wanted to wear the orange bow.

Absolutely nothing went with the orange bow. Then I tried to convince her to put some shoes on. She sobbed that they didn't match. The color? Pink. Which did match the dress. Apparently she wanted something to match the bow. Could she be more goofy and picky all at the same time?

Of course I was talking to Amanda about all this and her take was that the orange bow was fun and the dress was fun and "fun" and "fun" always match. So really, Gwen wasn't being unreasonable at all.

Someone remind me of all this when she is a teenager. Please.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

9 Month Checkup for Reid Isaiah

I was a bit late for Reid's 9 month checkup. He really is closer to 10 months old. But it finally got taken care of and the boy is doing great!

Reid slimmed down considerably this time around. I think all his crawling and pulling up and just being busy in general has finally caught up with him.

Height: 29.5" (76%)
Weight: 21 lbs. 10 oz (57%)

In everything Reid is doing great. He met and surpassed most of the social/developmental milestones that 9 months old should be able to do.

I also asked the doctor about my options for "milk" when it is time to transfer him to a cup. I got the ok for both rice milk and almond milk. Although she did say that most babies that have allergies like he does generally don't consume a lot of milk. Mostly they just drink water and juice. It is going to be interesting for sure!

A Checkup for Lucy

Miss Lucy Fern had her 4 year old checkup this week! She is doing fantastic in every area. She even had her vision and her hearing tested and both those passed with flying colors!

Lucy continues to be very proportionate with her height and weight.

Height: 41" (82%)
Weight: 41 lbs. (86%)

She is just going to be tall and will probably pass me up!

We also decided to get Lucy's kindergarten shots this time around since she spends a lot of days at the gym in childcare.

She did amazing with the shots. She did not cry while she was getting them and only flinched when she got her tetanus shot (stings when it goes in). What a brave little lady my Lucy is!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bye-Bye Climbing Tree

You will be greatly missed. 

Speech... Again

Zane started speech therapy a few weeks ago. Due to a qualification loophole, Zane is not receiving speech therapy services through his elementary school. We are doing outside speech therapy to attempt to correct sounds that he is struggling with. As we have started to work with him the SLP (speech language pathologist) feels his major issue is with his tongue and jaw. Zane tends to overcompensate with his jaw for sounds that are difficult to make. So he has a lot of exercises that will require practice. The positive thing is once this issue is figured out and corrected the SLP feels most of his sounds issues will resolve on their own. Which really is great news. So here we go with a new round of speech therapy. I am ready to tackle it. And I think Zane is too!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Snowy Adventure

 So much snow to play in!

 Swings are fun, even in the snow.

 Sledding is great when you have a slide to make a really fast track...

 Andrew spent almost an hour going down this slide. I think he is crazy. But next time we go to Disneyland he better be game for some roller coasters. Because this thing was fast!

Watching the Big Kids Play

Sometimes it's tough being the little guy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Snow Day

Reid and I relaxed inside while the big kids played in the snow. 

After a monster snow storm it was time to play in the wonder that is the snow.

A Sweet kiss for a sweet boy.

We probably got 9 inches or so this time around. Hard to believe they are predicting even more tomorrow.

This was Gwen's first time really playing in the snow. Last year I don't really even remember there being snow and the year before that she was just too little to play.

She really loved it.

The big boys have been having a marvelous time. Lots of snowballs, shoveling the driveway and playing with the snow in the back of the truck.

It was like an extra birthday present for Lucy!

Happy 4th Birthday Lucy!

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Blueberry Boy

Is there anything I love more than a baby with a blueberry face?

Maybe just this baby with a blueberry face!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lucy's 4th Birthday Party

Miss Lucy Fern doesn't turn 4 until next Tuesday but today we decided to celebrate her big day.

I managed to not make a crazy complicated cake for once but she was very clear that she wanted pink cupcake frosting and chocolate cake.

4 letter candles for a girl that is turning 4!

She was so excited to get presents! When she was done she double checked the table to make sure they were really all opened.

Happy Birthday Lucy. We love you!