Thursday, March 29, 2007


It is spring at our house! We just got a new patio set and put it together now that the rain has stopped for a few days. It is so nice to have stuff to play with in the back yard for the kids. They are having a blast with the swing set and I am loving having them out side for a bit each day. I thought I would show you some blossoms from our yard. I just love spring. (sorry that the blossoms are fuzzy. I am still figuring out my digital camera)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My favorite part

I love when my little guys learn to talk. There is nothing sweeter than having a little one to talk to. They always have such interesting things to say and puzzling questions to ask. It makes me use my mind. I bring this up because Zane is starting to really use words. (Of course he doesn't make a whole lot of sense yet but he is definitely trying) It is so cute to watch him point at something and then make a sound, sometimes it actually even sounds right. Right now he is totally into Thomas the Tank Engine (both the boys are really) so every time he sees Thomas he is pointing and squawking until he is acknowledged. It is super cute when he sees Thomas on Andrew underwear (aren't little kid underwear the cutest things ever?) and chases him around the house pointing at Andrews buns. It got so bad one night that he kept pulling on the back of Andrew's pants until he could see Thomas and then show us! Talking is so cute! I think that it is my favorite baby stage!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rock Wall Masters!

As promised here are the picture of the boys and thier new swing set. Andrew calls it his swing house (too cute!)

These pics were taken when we were only half-way done. The boys were so excited that we had to hook the slide up before we were supposed to just to appease them. It was also one of the few nice days that we had while putting it together!

The boys also love thier new rock climbing wall. I was amazed at how fearless they both were. Andrew is generally more cautious but he insisted on only using the rock grips when going up the side.

Zane was not quite as particular about where he grabbed on but he sure did scramble up the side quick enough. We have to keep an eye on him because he thinks that anything that brother can do he should be able to do too and sometimes his little boy body just isn't that coordinated yet! He sure is cute though when he is trying!

What can I say? My kids are awesome. I just wonder if I will be required to teach them to rock climb (you know REI wall and stuff). I am not really good at it, oh wait! That is what dads are for! Lucky Eric will get all the responsibility of the dangerous stuff!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Swing set pics!

Here is our new swing set! After much work it is together. I have include before and after shots to give you a good idea of what it looks like!



Thursday, March 22, 2007

Finally Done!

We have officially finished the swing set and fort. Despite the pouring down rain (thank you Pineapple Express) we have put all the pieces on and screwed all the screws in. I think that the boys will like it. I sincerely hope they will since it took us probaly 12 hours to put together when you add it all up. Way longer than the instructions said it would. Anyway, I don't have pictures yet but they will be coming!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Strengths and Weaknesses

I know that as a parent I should not pigeonhole my kids into one category or another but it is very hard when they are so different and obviously great at different things. Take Andrew for a minute. He has amazing hand eye coordination. He has since his was really little so naturally I think that he will be good at sports (maybe wishful thinking on my part) and other things that require that skill. Zane on the other hand is very influenced by music. When music is playing he waves his hands as if he was conducting. So natually I see many instraments in our future. All that is fine and good. I am just so excited to see how they turn out. I may be completely wrong about what their strengths are but I know for sure that it will be fun to find out!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pushing Buttons

Now I know that all kids go through a button pushing stage but I have to admit that it is my least favorite part of the growing up process. Andrew is just past the point. He has come to (and rightly so) the realization that when Eric and I say something we mean it. And not just a little bit! Zane, on the other hand, is just starting to push our buttons to determine the exact same thing. I just wish that you only had to go through this parenting part once and then once you pass it you just get to keep the results for each and every child after. I think of it like a video game (not that I am any expert about video games) you know where once you complete and pass a difficult manuver you can save the game and just start over from that spot again and again until you get it right. I wish it was like that with kids. Oh well, I guess it is for my growth and refinement that I have to redo all the levels as well. And I suppose that the results once you do pass it are well behaved kids who are a joy to take places and do things with. At least thats what I hope the results are!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


This post has nothing to do with my boys but rather with a little girl with and amazing gift. Akiane is 12 and she is an amazing artist. Check out the link to her website. I was amazed at what a little kid can do! She has definitely been gifted by God!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Half Way There!

We are half way done with the boys swing set! They are so excited. Andrew spent three hours playing outside yesterday which was just short of amazing. He likes to play but now that there is something to do he is even happier! Zane was a little wild man on the thing too. He bravely climbed up the rock wall and the ladder and then just went zooming on down the slide. He still needs someone to catch him though. He doesn't have the put your feet down when you reach the end of the slide yet. We learned that the hard way. He bumped his tush and his noggin and that was the end of the slide for a little while. I am sure that he will get the hang of it though. Now we just have to wait until we get the last piece for the monkey bars and then we will finish those and put up the swings. It doesn't matter to the boys though if it is done or not. They are just excited to have a new toy to play with in thier big backyard.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Pineapple Express

Why is it that everytime I have something that I want to do outside it always seems like it is raining. I am not by nature a super outdoorsy/gardener type of person. I am pretty particular on what I want the weather to be like in those certain situations. (65 degrees, slightly overcast, not to hot, not too cold. Certainly not wet!)

Why the blog about the weather you may ask! We got the boys new swing set delivered this week, Friday to be specific. Andrew is soooooo excited to get it put together and what is forcasted for the next 3 weeks? RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN! Supposedly there is a pineapple express (a nice way of saying "SO MUCH RAIN YOU WILL WANT TO MOVE TO ARIZONA") that will be in our neighborhood. Now what exactly are Eric and I to do but put the darn thing together in the rain. This is easier said than done. We worked on it today, got four more boards put on in the pouring down rain. Too much! Then it was time to come in and dry off. Hopefully we will get it together soon because Andrew might drive us crazy until we do. The first thing out of his mouth all day today was "are you going to put my swing set together yet?" It is so sweet that he is excited but very frustrating for the mommy and daddy. Oh yeah and to make matters worse, Zane the sweet one decided that yesterday would be the perfect time to try dog poop in our yard. All while we were busy with the swing set of course! Anyway, the set will eventually be done and the boys will be thrilled. Look for pictures in the future!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Zane's growing up!

Today was Zane's 18 month check up. He has grown so much I could hardly believe it. Zane is now 34 inches tall and weighs 32 pounds. I was curious how that compared to Andrew at that age and it is official. I am just going to have big kids. Andrew was 33.5 inches and 26 pounds at 18 months. It is hard to remember when he was that small. (Not that Zane looks small, it is just that Andrew is so big now!) The doctor said that Zane is doing great, he is a little heavy (way above the 95%) but no need to be concerned at this point. Just need to limit the milk consumption for now. Zane did great at is appointment up until the shots. Then he got a little upset. During the first shot he grabbed the needle, pulled it out and proceeded to scratch himself with it in the process. After that I held onto him a little tighter. He is just so strong that it was hard to control him as he flailed about like a fish! All is good though, no more shots until 24 months! Hopefully we will stay out of the doctors office until then.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Contrary Child

Never in my life have I seen a child with a temper like Zane's. He can go from smiley and happy to totally ticked off and screaming in no time at all. When Zane is mad he throws himself against wall, flings himeself on the ground or just sits and screams in frustration and displeaser! It is a very different case with Andrew. When he is mad he will sit and cry but he is much quieter about it. Andrew you have to leave alone for a while until he gets over the mad. Zane has to work it out (by the screaming/crying/tantrum bit) and then he wants to snuggle. What a contrary child he is! What is truly amusing to me is how Zane is when he is at places like the nursery. I hear all the time about what an angel he is and how I must not ever have any problems with him. I just have to laugh ands assume that he is showing the other people his angelic side and not the spit fire side that I know he possesses.