Thursday, June 30, 2011


I pray that these two are buddies always.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reid Isaiah: 3 Months Old

Reid Isaiah is 3 months old today. It has been an interesting 3 months trying to understand who Reid is. He was so cranky for the first 6 weeks but once we fully figured out all his allergy issues, and I started to really comply with them in my diet, Reid has turned into quite a happy little guy. He still has moments of crankiness but it is more similar to my other babies and it isn't laced with the shrieks of pain from his tummy hurting him.

Reid has started putting himself to sleep at night. He has been great at drifting off by himself in the middle of the night for about a month now but just in the last 2 weeks he has started being semi awake when I put him in his crib at night and then he drops off by himself. I can only think of 2 nights in the last 10 days where I have had to pick him back up and re-nurse him down. Solid progress in my book! Oh, he also is sleeping until 4 or 5 in the morning most nights. It is wonderful to get some solid sleep again.

Reid has also found his hands. I can set things in front of him now and he will bat at them. It is not uncommon to see Reid laying on his back with both arms straight out in front of him and him intently examining them. He is still figuring out how to open his fingers though. Reid doesn't quite suck his thumb and I have a feeling he will suck a finger or two rather than his thumb. Something a little different for our family but if it helps him sleep at night then it works for me.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finally, The Beach

Our trip to the beach included a trek to Haystack rock during low tide. From the conference center Haystack rock is quite a ways away.

We gathered a group of families and began the march. Andrew was determined to make it all the way!

Zane had a marvelous time running, picking up shells and digging in the sand. One good thing about a 5 year old's energy, it is pretty much never ending!

Lucy bummed a couple of rides from friends along the way. Miss Gabby was a super trooper to carry Lucy for as long as she did.

Kaytie was a doll and carried Gwen for a lot of the trip. Her little legs just had a hard time keeping up with the rest of us.

Andrew finally made it to the tide pools and found lots of creatures to look at.

Lucy was on a hunt for shells the entire trip to the ocean. Her little pocket was crammed full of broken shells by the time the day was over. The shells managed to get left at the beach though...

Lucy and her best bud Kaytie. They love each other lots and lots.

Lucy, Reid and I exhausted from our trip to the rock. I think my poor feet and calves ached for the next two days.

Haystack Rock.
For those of you who only know it from Goonies fame.

Cannon Beach, Not the Beach

There is one thing that you can count on when you go to the Oregon Coast for vacation. Unpredictable weather. We managed to have pretty decent weather for our week of vacation this year. There was only one day that was super showery and even that was hit and miss.

Because the weather is unpredictable we spend a lot of time playing in the grass of the conference center. Some friends of ours brought foam bats to play with and Lucy and Gwen in particular thought it was a lot of fun.

Andrew had a great time just hanging out with everyone. He is a huge help with the little kiddos and such a blessing to me!

Oh yeah! Did I mention that 2 days before we left on vacation Zane managed to lose his second tooth? He was very, very excited.

Eric sporting his newest fashion statement!


Our family just returned from a 5 day vacation at the Oregon Coast. We stayed at the Cannon Beach Conference Center and had a wonderful time! Wednesday we decided to mosey up to Seaside to check out the boardwalk and promenade and take a spin on the carousel in town.

The carousel has been there for as long as I can remember and it is with pure nostalgia that I took a ride on it with the kiddos. Of course they wanted to charge me for Reid too so I handed him to Eric who was not riding and taking pictures. The kids loved it! The beach was quite chilly that day so we spent almost no time on the promenade.

We went to a candy shop and bought oodles of saltwater taffy and made a quick stop at Del Sol where the kiddos got free rings from the nice salesperson. Also the girls and I got our nails painted with the samples of the different colors. Lucy's nails turned out the best. They are painted white sparkle but change to bright pink sparkle in the sunlight. All in all it was a great trip to Seaside.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to an amazing man and a wonderful daddy. Our kiddos and I are blessed beyond measure to have you in our life. Our world doesn't run the same when you aren't here and you cannot be replaced. Love and hugs!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chubby Bunny Anyone?

Reid is getting so big. Eleven weeks old tomorrow. His eyes are big and blue and almost assuredly going to stay that way. Don't you just ADORE the cheeks?

The 4 Big Kids

It has been awhile since I had posted anything. All the munchkins are doing great.

Miss Lucy has decided to be my little shadow this week. She follows me around everywhere I go and wants to be involved in everything I am doing. It is quite cute and as long as I am up and moving it keeps her mostly out of trouble. We watched the movie Ramona and Beezus this weekend and I have decided that my Lucy is another Ramona. It is going to be a very interesting process of growing up with her I think!

Miss Gwennie-Girl has been busy, busy, busy. She is turning into quite the little mother and plays with her baby dolls a lot. Eric caught her laying in bed playing patty-cake with her dolly the other night. And as much as Lucy is a momma's girl Gwen is a just as much a daddy's girl. This weekend we went to Costco and after lunch Eric took the big 3 to the bathroom and left Gwen and Reid with me. Gwen screamed for almost 10 minutes straight about how she wanted her daddy. Adorable and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Mr. Zane has been very busy reading up a storm to me. He is currently enjoying Frog and Toad Together and is doing great with it. It is so exciting seeing him reading and enjoying it. He often asks to sit with me and read. It is a very nice companion activity with nursing Reid. It is going to be so crazy to send him to kindergarten in only two and half months! He is getting very excited for it though. I think now that he can read he feels prepared to go to school. I don't know what all he is going to learn in kindergarten but at least he won't feel like he is behind.

Mr. Andrew is almost done with 2nd grade. He has done an amazing job this year and I am quite interested to see what his teacher has to say on his report card. Today Andrew got to celebrate his birthday at school. Since he has a summer birthday it is very interesting to see how each teacher deals with it differently. This year his teacher has given each kid a day that is there school birthday so they can bring treats and be celebrated just like the kids with birthdays during the school year. He was very excited to take cookies to school today to share with his class.

Central Pride

Got this AMAZING shirt from Miss Amanda this weekend. LOVE IT!

Friday, June 3, 2011


A friend passed down a Bumbo for Reid several months ago. Other than the big kiddos sitting in it and thinking it was fun, it has not been used. Reid is doing really well sitting up with us on our laps and I thought I might give the Bumbo a try. LOVE IT! He is totally content and happy. Other than it seems to put pressure on his tummy and he spits up a lot, it is a total winner in my book!