Sunday, April 29, 2012

S'mores Anyone?

Eric got a brilliant idea a couple of weeks ago to build a fire pit in our backyard. The kids are all thrilled to be able to roast hot dogs and marshmallows anytime they feel like it. The fire pit is something that makes me a bit nervous with Reid but Eric assures me that he will be just fine. We shall see. I am going to guess that there will be a lot of backyard camping happening at our house this summer. The boys are going to be beyond thrilled once they figure this all out. Oh the anticipation summer brings!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finally, Finally, Two Wheels!

After 6 long years, a multitude of tears and tantrums, and a final moment of logic and bravery, Zane took the big plunge into two wheeled riding.

We tried taking his training wheels off several months ago because I was sure he could do it. He was terrified and stopped even trying to ride. Then the sun came out this year and Zane discovered that riding his bike was a lot of fun with Andrew and some neighbor boys. The training wheels went back on and he merrily rode around the neighborhood.

The problem with the training wheels was that they hardly ever touched the ground. He would use them to get started and then then would rarely touch after that. Yesterday I mentioned to Zane that he really wasn't using his training wheels at all anymore and would he like to try and ride without them. I told him we could try Andrew's bike since it has no training wheels on it already and Zane agreed to give it a shot. It only took him two tries and he got it. Down the road he whizzed and with glee he kept yelling "I'm doing it!"

Now we just need to move Andrew up to a bigger bike so Zane can use his old one. Because this little 16" is way to small for my big boy Zane.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Unconventional Snack

Reid has this thing for apples. He really, really likes them. But he likes them the best whole. It is crazy to me how well he eats a whole apple though.

He does not choke. He calmly and quietly eats an apple off of the core all the time. It is a great snack for him. Especially since he is a super picky eater.

When I cut them up for him he spends half the time spitting out the peel and throwing the chewed up bits on the ground. When I give it to him whole he doesn't waste any of it. Strange? Yes. But I will take it. Anything to get some food in that kid.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Verdict Is...

Fillings are not nearly as much fun as previously thought.

Although the technician said she did great. She was a bit squirmy but tolerated the whole thing very well. She cried on the way home as the numbing was wearing off. Poor baby. Maybe she will let me brush her teeth more now.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daddy's the Boss

Conversation between Lucy and Eric tonight.

L: You're the boss. Right daddy?

E: Yep. I'm always going to be the boss. Even when your a big girl like Kaytie. (Who is 15)

L: Yep. When I'm a big girl like Kaytie you're still going to be the boss. I'm still going to tell you that you're the boss.

E: Take note. On April 21, 2012 at 6 pm Lucy Fern said that when she is 15 years old she is still going to tell me that I'm the boss.

L: Yep. You are still the boss.

Anyone else see the need to document this conversation for all eternity???

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Competetive Readiness

The kids finished another round of swimming lessons this week and much to my surprise Andrew passed his level. He was taking Beginner 4 and it is quite difficult. There is a lot of focus on the four main strokes, diving and endurance. It is the last level before they consider you ready to swim competitively. And Andrew passed it. He can continue to take this level for awhile since the competitive readiness class is only offered on Mondays and Wednesdays but it is kinda cool that he is that strong of a swimmer.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Year Well Child Check

Mr. Reid went for a checkup this week. He is growing like a weed although not quite as fast as the big boys did.

Height: 30.5" (65%)
Weight: 23 lbs. (47%)

The majority of our doctor appointment was spent talking about the few things I have noticed with Reid. First off, he really isn't talking. He says ma-ma, but I don't know for sure that he is talking to me. He says it when I am around but it doesn't seem like he is calling for me exactly. Second, he is a horrid eater. HORRID. He is by far the pickiest baby I have ever had. He just doesn't want anything to eat with the rest of us. He loves fruit. He adores crackers and the only protein I can get into him is peanut butter. And the occasional McDonald's hamburger. He continues to be milk intolerant and only has a passing interest in coconut milk (which is the supplement I seem to have landed on with him). Third, he had an ear infection. Still. I had taken him into the walk-in-clinic on Friday and he still had a raging ear infection even with antibiotics on board for 5 days. So we ended up switching him to a different medicine. It is possible that this whole ear infection bit may have something to do with his speech. Time will tell I suppose.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mr. Reader

Zane has been progressing in his reading by leaps and bounds lately. We went to the library today and tried to find him some good books to read. When I had his conference this spring his teacher encouraged me to help him find some more difficult books to read. He is such a reading whiz that I was really surprised by where he was with his reading. We checked a few books out at the library and discovered that Magic Tree House books are just about right for him. They still have some challenging vocabulary in them but he charges through them and does great. I am so terribly impressed by his great reading though. It has only been a year since he started and he is just doing fantastic!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Humbled by His Generosity

Zane is a pretty amazing kid. He has a heart for people that amazes me all the time. I don't know what it is about him but he has been gifted with incredible compassion and generosity. Just the other day we were hanging out and he came up to me, gave me 75 cents, hugged me and told me I was the best mom ever. Ummmmm.... melt my heart a bit!

He is also incredibly generous to people he doesn't know. He will empty his piggy bank for the children's hostel in India our church supports. He also proceeded to give his new cousin Rory 15 cents when he met him because he was just the sweetest baby and he loved him so much. And there is no question in my mind that he knows what money can potentially be used for. There have been plenty of candy bars, pops and toys purchased with his own cash. He fully understands exactly what he is giving up.

There is a lesson or two that I could learn about generosity from my Zane boy. Give from your heart, without restraint and without hesitation. It is a fine character trait and a gift for sure.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cavites for Two

Took the kiddos for a dental checkup and they all did great. Lucy and Andrew both have some cavities that need filled but they will get taken care of quickly. Lucy has 6 cavities which is actually not surprising considering she always has hated having her teeth brushed. Andrew was quite disappointed to have yet another tooth needing filled but we are whittling down the number each and every time. Maybe next round he will be cavity free. Lucy is quite proud of herself for having so many cavities. We will see how she feels after getting them worked on.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Reid's first time hunting eggs. No one needed to tell him what to do. He went right for them and started picking them up. Truly a son after his dad's own heart.

A Happy Easter morning!

Sporting our church fancy gear!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Time!

Hooray for Easter!

Hooray for siblings who love each other!

Reid even got in on all the action.

We shall eat egg salad sandwiches for a week.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

PSC: Part 5

Random shots from the rest of our trip! 

PSC: Part 4

There is a really fun play area for the itty bitties that includes a slide. Apparently that could have been the beginning, middle and end for Reid. He was enthralled with slide and even when I tried to distract him from it he kept going back to it again and again.

Head first was a favorite.

Feet first worked too!

PSC: Part 3

Zane desperately wanted to have a turn playing with the water cannons in the courtyard. Note to self: Play with the cannons first thing because later in the day there is a terrible line to have a turn.

So while we waited I took the opportunity to snap some shots of the little ones who were waiting whether they wanted to or not.

Of course I had to make sure Reid was no where near the edge of the water because he has been taking his new shoes off and chucking them every chance he got. Fortunately the shoes survived the wait.

Zane finally got a turn and had oodles of fun.

Andrew was quite the focused marksman. We just need to do this again. And without the rain the started almost as soon as the boys got their turn.

PSC: Part 2

One section of the science center had a corner mirror with provided oodles of fun for the kids. Reid was particularly fond of this baby he found in the mirror. Many kisses were given.

Gwen was HYSTERICAL with the mirror though. She spent a long time in the corner of the mirror just admiring herself. She seemed fascinated with the fact that there were three of her to see.

"Why hello pretty girl!"

The best part was Gwen's reaction when Lucy took over the center. She started shrieking "My ladies! My ladies!" until Lucy's turn was over. Apparently all the Gwen's needed her.

PSC: Part 1

Took a trip to the Pacific Science Center today with the kiddos and Grandma Meow. We had so much fun exploring and we didn't even make it through the entire place!

With a family the size of ours it makes sense to just buy an annual pass so that is what we did. Now we can go back several times this year. It is going to be lots of fun and we can take daddy too!

There was this GIANT table and chairs to sit in. It was crazy big and the kids thought it was a LOT of fun to play pretend. Andrew is pretending to drink some water at the giant table.

Wonder if Eric will climb up there the next time we go?