Sunday, September 30, 2012

Zane Time

Zane has had a rough weekend. There have been attitude issues and a lot of time spent in trouble. Usually when he gets this way we know he needs a little one on one time. So Eric and Zane had a nice snuggle while watching football this evening. Hopefully it will fill his love tank up a wee bit more and we will have a great week.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lucy's Friends

The first week of school we spent a lot of time outside. The weather was beautiful and the girls were getting their bearings without the brother's around during the day. Gwen and Lucy rode their bikes in the front a lot and one day Lucy made some new friends.

We were sitting out front waiting for the boys bus to come by and the kids from the middle school were walking home. I was sitting on the front porch and was pretty unnoticeable for people walking by on the sidewalk. So here comes two middle school boys (6th graders if I had to guess) meandering by on their way home from school. They were very busy being obnoxious and started making fun of the girls as they were playing. I, yelling from the porch, told them to chill out and they stopped making fun. Then Lucy yells "HI-JAH!" You know, like she was a ninja or something. And that started the fun. They boys yelled it, Lucy yelled it back. On and on it went for probably 10 minutes. It was funny at the time but I didn't think much of it.

Fast forward to yesterday. The girls were playing in the backyard and all of a sudden we hear kids walking home. They are being loud and obnoxious. Lucy perked up her little sweet face and yelled "HI-JAH!" again. From the front of the house we hear the return call and off they went again.

I don't know what either of them are thinking. Lucy seems to find it hysterical that these big kids are playing with her and as for the boys? Sheesh. Who knows what they are thinking?

Reid the Triathlete?

This morning Reid brought me a random swim cap that was lying around. I think this one is from the Danskin triathlon. He seemed to know exactly what to do with it and kept motioning that he wanted it on his head and trying to put it on himself.

I asked him if he wanted help and he nodded yes. So I put it on him. I don't know exactly what he thought it was going to be like but he was not thrilled with the feel of the swim cap once it was on. Goofy boy. I quickly snapped a few pictures before Andrew rescued him. I wonder if he will ever want to wear another one again?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Outlaw Soccer!

Another year of wonderful soccer for Andrew and his team. Some of the boys on his team he has been with since his very first year of Rockets. It has been such fun seeing Andrew improve as a player and have fun with other kids.

Andrew really prefers to play defense. He is still very much a team player and loves being a supporting role to the kids who love to take shots. He puts a lot of pressure on himself in general and I think that is why he doesn't trust himself to shoot very often.

As the season goes on I fully expect to see him get more aggressive and more confident. It happens each and every year. So excited for another fun fall of Outlaw soccer!

Gwen Gives Birth

Today the kids were playing in the front room very nicely and I was not paying any attention to what they were doing at all. All of a sudden Eric says to me, "Is someone having a baby out there?"  and got up really quickly to go peek. Apparently the kids (Zane, Lucy and Gwen) were playing at having a baby. Gwen was the laboring mother, Lucy was being the nurse and Zane was the doctor. Zane was telling Gwen "push, push!" and she did. By the time Eric got out there to look the baby had been delivered (standard method, no C-section) Lucy was headed up the stairs to get a baby doll. After wiping the baby down and cleaning it up Gwen was given her newborn so they could bond.

Apparently Gwen had a baby girl. Mother and baby are both doing fine.

Gwen also takes feeding her baby very seriously. She was seen later sitting on the toy box, new baby wrapped in a blanket, nursing away. It was quite the event. Her recovery was a bit quicker than normal though. Gwen was seen running around playing and attempting to climb a tree just hours later.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gwen's 3 Year Old Statistics

Took Gwen into the doctor this week for her three year old well child check. Other than doing the obligatory checkup I had no concerns or questions. She is just doing great. The doctor asked if she could follow a multi-step directive and I laughed and said yes. She is perfectly capable of understanding what she is supposed to do as long as she isn't being ornery. The doctor laughed and said that not counting the ornery is what counts.

She is growing very well and has managed to not be quite the peanut that she used to be.

Height: 39" (85%)
Weight: 34 lbs. (75%)

Doing great!

Zane's Plays Soccer

Zane started his soccer season a couple of weeks ago. He is doing so much better this year in general. He is attacking the ball and really getting in the mix of things.

Eric is having a nice time coaching Zane's team again this year. He really stretches himself with his patience and he has to temper his competitive streak. It really is all about having fun at this level.

Last year we had a couple of meltdowns with Zane because I wasn't at the games (conflicts with Andrew's game schedule). This year we have been doing really well.

At least until this happened. Zane took a ball in the face and flipped completely out. I don't know if it scared him or if he was embarrassed but he CRAWLED off the field sobbing and screaming. The drama was high if you know what I mean. But after the threat of snack denial he pulled himself back together and finished out the game. It is nice to see him growing up and maturing.

Friday, September 14, 2012

It Matches Right?

Lucy got herself dressed this morning. It was apparently a Hello Kitty type of day. She came downstairs wearing her Hello Kitty shirt, skirt and socks. It was quite the look and would have been totally fine if they had been matching colors. But since she dressed herself and did not need my help I just let it go. There will be time enough for her to match in the future.

Cross Country Invitational

The high school does a cross country meet for the elementary kids every year. Andrew has wanted to do it for the past few years but the timing has never worked out. This year we made it work and both boys got to participate.

Andrew did really well at the Aquafest run this summer and so I was curious to see how he would do during this run. The top placer in each age group would get a t-shirt and the top 6 would get a place ribbon.

Andrew did great! I am so impressed with his speed. He cut a full minute off of his time from July. And he said the course was longer. He missed the podium by two spots, finishing 8th in his class. Pretty good!

Zane's race started and he ran for all he was worth. He did great and stuck with the pack for the first bit. You could see Zane's smile all the way in the stands. This kid just loves fun, regardless of what it looks like.

Zane did great for his race too. He cut time off his previous run as well. We didn't stick around for his placing but I am confident that he did not make the top 6.

Great job Zane! 

Orphan Ballerina Girl

Today I was on top of things. I got the girls dressed and ready for ballet. We had a small dance time in the living room before it was time to go. I was getting ready to do the girls hair up and then Gwen came upstairs and informed me she had pooped in her panties. Of course. Five minutes before I need to be out the door I have to shower her off and somehow find an entirely new ballet outfit. I flew downstairs and found a leotard and I told Gwen to get a pair of tights. She came down with these blue ones with hearts. Add her pink ballet slippers and wow, was she a look. But we were already running late and I had to get there. So off they went with the orphan girl and nobodies hair done. SIGH. Sometimes the day just goes like that.

A Habit Hurray!

Zane got a note sent home in his folder on Friday. And wonderful mother that I am I immediately thought that it was a naughty note being sent home. SIGH, sometimes I disappoint myself. Anyway, Zane got a "Habit Hurray!" for showing leadership in his classroom at school. Zane was proactive within his class by holding the classroom door for his classmates. I really couldn't be more proud of my sweet guy. He just has such a sweet heart about him. And next time I won't even let the thought pass my mind that it could be a naughty note. Not my Zane.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lego Time with Zane

I went to go take pictures of Zane for the school post and Reid followed me into the room. Zane was quite happily building one of his Lego sets that he got for his birthday.

Reid started off being very nice with the Legos and just watching Zane work. Within minutes though the looking turned into grabbing and the grabbing turned into throwing and WOW. I had a frustrated Zane and a grumpy mommy.

I removed Reid from the room and put him in the hallway so I could finish taking Zane's picture. This is how I found Reid. Desperate to get his blanket out of the crib and sobbing/screaming the whole time. Sometimes it is hard to be the little brother.

School Update

One week of school under our belt means it is time for an update. Starting school was a huge stress for Andrew. I honestly and truly forgot how very difficult change is for him to deal with. He is an apple that does not fall too far from his momma's tree if you know what I mean. The first week of school he cried every day, at least once. Not while he was at school but rather while he was home from school either before the day began (in dread of what was to come) or after (in dread of what was to come the next day).

The highlight of the week for Andrew was when his teacher told him he was on her "best student list" over something that he was doing. I don't even remember what he did but it made him come home glowing which was really nice to see. After week one (first three days of school) there have been no more tears. He really just doesn't deal well with change and new situations. They are very stressful and upsetting and I need to remember that. We avoided the whole issue in third grade by having him loop up with his second grade teacher. It was an amazing decision for Andrew but it certainly blindsided me to how bad his situation/change related stress was. I just need to tuck this detail in my brain though for next year.

Zane, oh my Zane. He is just a trooper with new situations. Could there be two children more different? Zane walks into new experiences with very little issue. He is excited to try new stuff and starting school is always an adventure. So it was pretty sad to see him pick up on Andrew's reluctance to go to school. He kept telling me that he didn't like school but when it really started he informed me that he wanted to go to the first day of school and then the last week because that is when the fun happens. I think he is doing just fine. He doesn't have a lot to say about school but that is pretty typical. Hopefully he will feel like he learns something this year. Because last year he apparently learned nothing. I can't wait to see what this school year holds for Zane!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting to Work

It dawned on me the other day that Lucy is going to kindergarten next September. Not that I didn't remember that she was going to be in kindergarten next year but the whole idea of needing to get her ready for school kinda jumped up and slapped me right in the face.

Because Lucy is still a baby you know. She couldn't possibly be headed to school. Nope, just not possible. And Gwen following her the next year? Oh my heart is cracking right in two even as I type it. They are growing up too fast. Lucy can't possibly be turning 5 in January.

So I pulled myself together and realized that I needed to kick the preschool work into high gear. I have a great curriculum that I have used with all the kids. It has a lot of printable pages which saves me the drama of buying new consumables each time around. And since I am doing the work with Lucy it only makes sense that I do it with Gwen too. She wouldn't have it any other way. She IS as old as Lucy you know.

Reid even got in on the action of the homework the first day. But that was just a fluke. Most of the time I try and tackle it when he is napping. It is just easier that way. I know I love my kids at every age but honestly, letting go of the baby age is a hard sell.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh Barbie...

Barbie movie fever has arrived at my house. The girls were given several Barbie movies and it has been a nonstop party of Barbie movie watching. They are cute little movies and my sweet ladies seem to love them. And as bad as I maybe should feel about letting them watch one each day in the afternoon, it certainly has made it easy to get my Bible study done and Reid gets a good nap because they aren't fighting at all. We will see how long the love lasts.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ballet for Two

The first ballet class was seriously the cutest thing EVER. I didn't get to stay for the class (it wouldn't have worked with whirlwind Reid anyway) but I did get to peek in the windows.

All I have to say is CUTEST THING EVER. Seriously. They were working at the bar and doing stretches and twirling with ribbons and scarves and smiling and laughing the whole time.

At the end of the class they did a little performance for us to the song Under the Sea. They danced and danced and looked like they were having such fun. And the girls both had a great time and had favorite games that they played. Can't wait until their next lesson!

Off to Dancie Class

Today the girls start ballet. They are over the moon excited. I signed them up through the YMCA that I attend last month. This has meant for almost 3 weeks we have had daily conversations about when their dancie class is going to begin.

There are few guidelines for the program. I think it is very low key and mellow. I never figured out if there was a leotard color requirement (the lady at the front desk said they usually wore pink so we went with that) and I am not certain that they require hair all up or not but my personality required me to put it all up.

It is just so tidy that way. The girls both have their dance bags for class and because I don't want to  be buying tights every other session they are not getting dressed until we get to class. But I will be taking my camera and getting some of their adorableness on record.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Miss Lucy Lou has a favorite word, ashkalee. Actually for the rest of the population. She pops that word into most conversations and practically every other sentence. We keep repeating it the correct way so she will hear how to really pronounce it but she doesn't care. Ashkalee, it is pretty cute just the way it is. I just might be sad when she can say it correctly.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not Missing the Big Boys At All

While the brothers were off learning all kinds of fun stuff at school, the little ones and I hung out at home. We had our normal day of the gym and lunch and a nap for Reid.

The girls watched a movie and I got some bible study done. Then there was some bike riding and an otter pop.

We finished off the day with waiting for the bus to come so we could hear all about the first day of school. I was by far more interested in that than the munchkins were. In all they did great without the big boys. I missed them but apparently I was the only one.