Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lego Time with Zane

I went to go take pictures of Zane for the school post and Reid followed me into the room. Zane was quite happily building one of his Lego sets that he got for his birthday.

Reid started off being very nice with the Legos and just watching Zane work. Within minutes though the looking turned into grabbing and the grabbing turned into throwing and WOW. I had a frustrated Zane and a grumpy mommy.

I removed Reid from the room and put him in the hallway so I could finish taking Zane's picture. This is how I found Reid. Desperate to get his blanket out of the crib and sobbing/screaming the whole time. Sometimes it is hard to be the little brother.

1 comment:

Kaleb said...

That's a great face. I'd be upset too if I was told no Legos for you.