Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

 The first day of school typically starts with everyone up on time and ready much earlier than necessary. Other than Andrew falling back asleep (I finally woke him up about 7:20) the morning went exactly how I anticipated.

Zane was excited and bubbly and ready to go out and conquer 1st grade. Back to school night went great and although he has wanted summer to last forever, he has conceded that seeing his friends from last year may be fun. So he wants to go to the first day of school and then the last week. That's when all the fun happens you know.

The girls was very ready to go this morning as well. This will last for a few weeks until it get cold. Then they will stay home while I walk the boys to the bus. Although Gwen REALLY wanted to go to school this morning. She was sobbing that she didn't get to ride the bus too. Clearly next year, when Lucy goes to kindergarten and Gwen still stays home, is going to be a lot of fun. Insert eye roll and sarcastic tone.

 Andrew was ready for school but very nervous. He wants to have a good year, and I am sure he will, but the reality of lots more work and expectations make him nervous. He just needs to get into the swing of things this year and he is going to be fine.

It is almost impossible for me to believe that my boys are getting so big! And when I put Zane next to Andrew it is shocking how tall he is. Sweet mercy this boy is going to eat my pantry bare.

Hooray for the first day of school!

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