Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gwen Gives Birth

Today the kids were playing in the front room very nicely and I was not paying any attention to what they were doing at all. All of a sudden Eric says to me, "Is someone having a baby out there?"  and got up really quickly to go peek. Apparently the kids (Zane, Lucy and Gwen) were playing at having a baby. Gwen was the laboring mother, Lucy was being the nurse and Zane was the doctor. Zane was telling Gwen "push, push!" and she did. By the time Eric got out there to look the baby had been delivered (standard method, no C-section) Lucy was headed up the stairs to get a baby doll. After wiping the baby down and cleaning it up Gwen was given her newborn so they could bond.

Apparently Gwen had a baby girl. Mother and baby are both doing fine.

Gwen also takes feeding her baby very seriously. She was seen later sitting on the toy box, new baby wrapped in a blanket, nursing away. It was quite the event. Her recovery was a bit quicker than normal though. Gwen was seen running around playing and attempting to climb a tree just hours later.

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