Thursday, September 13, 2012

School Update

One week of school under our belt means it is time for an update. Starting school was a huge stress for Andrew. I honestly and truly forgot how very difficult change is for him to deal with. He is an apple that does not fall too far from his momma's tree if you know what I mean. The first week of school he cried every day, at least once. Not while he was at school but rather while he was home from school either before the day began (in dread of what was to come) or after (in dread of what was to come the next day).

The highlight of the week for Andrew was when his teacher told him he was on her "best student list" over something that he was doing. I don't even remember what he did but it made him come home glowing which was really nice to see. After week one (first three days of school) there have been no more tears. He really just doesn't deal well with change and new situations. They are very stressful and upsetting and I need to remember that. We avoided the whole issue in third grade by having him loop up with his second grade teacher. It was an amazing decision for Andrew but it certainly blindsided me to how bad his situation/change related stress was. I just need to tuck this detail in my brain though for next year.

Zane, oh my Zane. He is just a trooper with new situations. Could there be two children more different? Zane walks into new experiences with very little issue. He is excited to try new stuff and starting school is always an adventure. So it was pretty sad to see him pick up on Andrew's reluctance to go to school. He kept telling me that he didn't like school but when it really started he informed me that he wanted to go to the first day of school and then the last week because that is when the fun happens. I think he is doing just fine. He doesn't have a lot to say about school but that is pretty typical. Hopefully he will feel like he learns something this year. Because last year he apparently learned nothing. I can't wait to see what this school year holds for Zane!

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