Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zane's Plays Soccer

Zane started his soccer season a couple of weeks ago. He is doing so much better this year in general. He is attacking the ball and really getting in the mix of things.

Eric is having a nice time coaching Zane's team again this year. He really stretches himself with his patience and he has to temper his competitive streak. It really is all about having fun at this level.

Last year we had a couple of meltdowns with Zane because I wasn't at the games (conflicts with Andrew's game schedule). This year we have been doing really well.

At least until this happened. Zane took a ball in the face and flipped completely out. I don't know if it scared him or if he was embarrassed but he CRAWLED off the field sobbing and screaming. The drama was high if you know what I mean. But after the threat of snack denial he pulled himself back together and finished out the game. It is nice to see him growing up and maturing.

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