Friday, September 14, 2012

Orphan Ballerina Girl

Today I was on top of things. I got the girls dressed and ready for ballet. We had a small dance time in the living room before it was time to go. I was getting ready to do the girls hair up and then Gwen came upstairs and informed me she had pooped in her panties. Of course. Five minutes before I need to be out the door I have to shower her off and somehow find an entirely new ballet outfit. I flew downstairs and found a leotard and I told Gwen to get a pair of tights. She came down with these blue ones with hearts. Add her pink ballet slippers and wow, was she a look. But we were already running late and I had to get there. So off they went with the orphan girl and nobodies hair done. SIGH. Sometimes the day just goes like that.

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