Friday, September 7, 2012

Off to Dancie Class

Today the girls start ballet. They are over the moon excited. I signed them up through the YMCA that I attend last month. This has meant for almost 3 weeks we have had daily conversations about when their dancie class is going to begin.

There are few guidelines for the program. I think it is very low key and mellow. I never figured out if there was a leotard color requirement (the lady at the front desk said they usually wore pink so we went with that) and I am not certain that they require hair all up or not but my personality required me to put it all up.

It is just so tidy that way. The girls both have their dance bags for class and because I don't want to  be buying tights every other session they are not getting dressed until we get to class. But I will be taking my camera and getting some of their adorableness on record.

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