Friday, April 27, 2007

First Fish

Andrew caught his very first fish yesterday! He was so excited that he could hardly wait to get home to show it to me. (He went with Eric for a daddy/son bonding time) Apparently, Eric got Andrews line ready and they cast it into the water and before Eric had a chance to even get his line in the water Andrew had a fish on! They have been doing a lot of fishing lately but this is the first catching that they have had a chance to do. Let me tell you, Eric is quite peeved that his boy is the first on to get a fish. (Eric is just a little bit competitive) They went to Lake Tigh in Monroe (I hope that I spelt that right) and fished in a netted off portion. Eric was super irritated that he didn't catch anything until he realized the netted part wasn't stocked yet. Andrew probally caught the only fish in the whole area! The fish was about 12 inches long. We plan to eat it tonight. At least that is the plan. Knowing Andrew he will take one look at it cooked and decide that he dowsn't want to eat it! It was all good until Eric started to clean the fish. The thought makes me want to throw up a little. Fish murder was commited in my very own back yard. Most distressing! Fortunately it did not seem to bother Andrew at all. Fish murder or not, he still thinks fishing is fun! We plan to go on Sunday to a kids fishing day back at lake Tigh. They are going to super stock a netted off portion so that the kids are almost guarenteed a catch. Who knows, maybe Zane will even catch his first fish this weekend too!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thomas the Tank Engine

There is a love of Thomas the Tank Engine at our house. It is so nice to have one toy that will totally and completely keep the boys occupied without any interference from me. Andrew is pretty good at building the tracks and making a line for the trains to run on. Zane right now is just fascinated with the magnets that connect the trains together. He gets a bit frustrated when the trains don't stay together the way that he thinks they should. It is cute to watch though. Now we just need to get additional track so that my boys can each have a section without running into each other. Head on collisions are awful and we don't have any sidings to park our trains and freight cars in. (That last bit might not have made any sense if you haven't been immersed in Thomas lingo)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Hiking Adventure

Eric showing Andrew how to catch a fish with worms.

Zane in a rare moment of happiness. (He wanted to go in the water)

Fisherman Andrew with his gear ready to go!

My two special boys!

Today we made an attempt to go hiking. I had a meeting to go to first thing in the morning so Eric got the kids ready and we went into town as a family. While I was at my meeting the boys went into GI Joes. Unfortunately we forgot about our lunch in the backpack and by the time Eric and the kids got back to the van the lunch was gone courtesy of our fat mouthed dog Calvin. He ate three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and three packs of peanut butter crackers. Very irritated with the dog.

(Ignore link insanity please)
We decided not to let our day be ruined by a dog though so on we went! Our original plan was to go up to Bear Lake off of Mountain Loop Highway in Granite Falls. We got to the turn off up the very curvey road only to discover that the road was closed half way there. Then, since we were already up that far we thought we might try Boardman Lake but we got scared since the van was bottoming out in snow. So, down, down the mountain we went. (I got a bit nauseous, Eric was driving too fast) We were part way to Big Four (the ice caves) when we just decided to stop and eat at a closed camp site. The kids had fun even though it was not the hike that we had promised them. I suppose we are just anxious for summer and camping. Eric is totally excited, I told him that we could go backpacking camping with the kids this year.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My sweet baboo

I adore the sight of my sweet little man asleep on the couch! He is so sweet and I know that he is getting the rest that he desperately needs. It is hard work being a little guy and playing all day. I have not been doing that great of a job keeping up lately. I think it is because I have been busy. I don't know what we have been doing but I certainly have been preoccupied doing it!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

You look beautiful mommy!

There is a definite bonus to having little boys go shopping with you. I went today to try and find a cute dress (or something) to wear for Easter this year. I took my faithful companions Andrew and Zane with me as I braved the wilds of Ross. After a long search I thought I had found a few likely prospects to try on. Away we went to the try on rooms to see if anything I had selected worked. By the way, I loathe trying on clothes. I like to shop for other people, hate shopping for myself! After getting me, my clothing prospects, purse and two kids in the stall, yes it was a tight squeeze, I tried on article after article of clothing. As I tried on each and every item I got the same response from my dear Andrew. "Mommy, you look beautiful!" he would exclaim, even when I very clearly did not look beautiful with either my ta's hanging out the front or in the skin tight item that just looked bigger on the hanger. I politely thanked him for his opinion and at that moment came to the realization that either he had been very well trained by his dad, unlikely, or that he really did think that I was beautiful, no matter what I was wearing. Either way I will take the complement and the little boy shopping companion anytime I need a self image pick me up because it sure felt nice to hear such sweet things from my little man!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bare Bottom Baby

So Eric went to wake Zane up from his nap yesterday and after peeking in the room he raced downstairs to get me to come and see. What did I find when I got up there but a bare bottomed baby!!! Zane had taken his diaper off while he was waiting for the sleep fairy to come and visit. When he did fall asleep it was with no diaper on at all! I took pictures but they were with my normal camera (digital batteries are dead!) so you will have to wait until later to see the photos. You may wonder if he had peed everywhere. The answer is yes but he must have done it while he was standing up because the pee was in the middle of the room. Not on the bed at all! I remember Andrew taking his clothes off when he woke up in the morning but taking them off to go to sleep is defintely a new one at my house!