Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Miss Who!

Teresa got Lucy this adorable onesie when she was born and I have been just dying to have her wear it. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is one of our all time favorite Christmas books and the fact that this little outfit had Cindy Lou Who on it made it very cool to the boys. I had to get the little jean skirt to go with it. It even has leggings under it. Very trendy and very "little miss who!"

Here is a photo of Andrew and Lucy. She is 6 weeks old today and I can hardly believe it. Who would have guessed time would go so fast. She is starting to smile a little bit and it is just beautiful. I can't wait for the giggling and the big BIG smiles. Those are my absolute favorites!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To the dentist we go

This week both of the boys (and Eric and I) went to the dentist. Andrew ADORES the dentist office and was very excited to go. Actually he likes all doctor's appointments. Even the ones where he has shots. I don't know what is so exciting but he thinks there could almost be no better activity for the day. CRAZY KID!

Andrew's appointment was yesterday with Eric and he did great. They took x-ray's and his teeth looked fine. This is always a relief to me since he fell when he was about Zane's age and kinda killed one of his front teeth. They think that he will probably lose it kinda early but they do watch it in case it gets infected and needs to be pulled.

Zane went to the dentist today with me. This was Zane's first trip to the dentist and I was a little bit concerned about how he was going to act. I made Zane go first so I could be with him the whole time and I think it was good that I did because he was not very sure about all the stuff they wanted to do. I thought they were just going to count his teeth since he is only 2 but they took x-rays (which turned out kinda crooked), polished his teeth, had the dentist count them and got fluroide. He did really good until the end when the dentist was counting. Then he just kept saying "all done" and trying to suck his thumb. No comment was made about the thumb sucking so he must not be doing damage to his teeth with it.

I was just glad to have both appointments over with for this part of the year. I never know how Zane is going to react but it wasn't too bad. Thank goodness neither of them have any fillings needed yet. I can only imagine how that is going to go. I wish that we could send them to a pediatric dentist office but Eric's insurance doesn't cover it. Although for any big stuff they do refer us to one which is nice. They seem to realize they can't do everything for little ones since they don't have the "happy gas" in house. Hmmmmm.... maybe they can refer me to the kid dentist, I like the "happy gas" a lot myself.......

Monday, February 25, 2008

I must produce cream!

Lucy had her one month check up today and I swear that I must produce cream rather than milk because this little lady weighed in at 11 pounds 15.5 ounces and 23.25 inches long. She is 97th percentile for weight and 95th for length. Needless to say, she was doing fine. I think that even though she doesn't nurse as well as the boys she is obviously getting all the calories she needs. Hopefully she will just be a sweet little roly-poly like all my kids seem to be with chubby arms and legs. No other time in life is fat so cute!

I am excited too because now I know for a fact that she is ready for the next size clothing. She had received sooooo much in the 3-6 months size and I have been anxiously waiting for her to fit into it. She needs to slow down the growth though so I have ample time to let her wear it all before it is too small.

Finally, I made an appointment for Lucy's two month checkup and for Andrew to get his kindergarten booster shots next month. Andrew knows he needs to get the shots for school but I think some ice cream will be in order for him after he is brave!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shower Pictures- Courtesy of Crystal!

As I mentioned before, I didn't take my camera to the shower they threw Lucy. Crystal came through like a champ though and gave me a whole disk of photo's tonight! Here is how Lucy felt by the end of the night of the shower. I think she got a little bit over-stimulated by all the ladies that wanted to hold her and love on her a bit. It took Eric and I over an hour longer than usual to calm her down and get her into bed once we got home that night but I wouldn't have traded it for anything!

This was the adorable cake we had. Dyan asked me what type I liked and I said "all things chocolate!" She definitely came through for me! Isn't the little sleeping baby cute!

Glimpses of Spring

Remember all those bulbs that Andrew and I planted last fall? Well, they have started to come up and just yesterday I noticed that my first crocuses had bloomed. I totally have forgotten what colors were in the bag but I am loving this yellow one! So far I only have four flowers, and they are all yellow, but a whole lot more should be coming up because I think there were close to 100 bulbs in that bag that I used.

I think this is a crocus sprout and a tulip sprout. Hmmm..... I will have to keep an eye on them and see what they will turn out to be!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Shower for Lucy!

I was so blessed by the ladies at my church last night with a wonderful baby shower! Lucy received so many adorable outfits and gifts it is hard to describe. I find myself very thankful to be part of a church family that is willing to celebrate with me over Lucy's birth. I would post some pictures but I didn't take my camera. Crystal did, so I will try to have her send me some and I will get them posted.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lucy Fern- 1 Month

I can hardly believe that it has been one whole month since Miss Lucy was born. She is such a good baby! It is amazing to me how big she has gotten even though she is definitely growing slower than the boys ever did. The first month of life with Lucy has been great. I can't hardly wait to see what next month holds in store for us!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Hubby that Listens

Right now I need to give my Eric big credit for getting me a Valentines day present that I love! This year I asked him to get me new shower heads for our bathroom and the kids bathroom. The ones that we had were just the stock ones to go with the house and I have always wanted other fancier ones. Well, what better time to get them than for Valentine's day! Not only did he get me new shower heads but he got me the ones I wanted!

New one in the kids bathroom. Perfect for spraying down puking kids and diaper disasters!

A rain shower head for me!

I love the way these feel and have ever since I was in high school and stayed at my dear Teresa's house. Her parents had (maybe they still do) one of the rain type too and I fell in love with it then.

I should also mention that Eric did get me the See's candy that I wanted, some flowers and two new lilac bushes. Just in case y'all didn't think that showerheads were a very romantic present. Hooray for my hubby who listens!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sleep Insanity and Mama's Little Helpers

So, Lucy is not sleeping through the night yet and Eric is back at work. That all means that Sam is running the night shift solo and not getting a whole lot of extra sleep. Last week I was almost a lunatic by the time Eric was home for the weekend. By the time Friday rolled around I was crying because I was too tired and had not taken the time to take naps with Zane and Lucy. Plus I was up in the morning with the boys (never my best time of day) and even though I was going to bed at a normal time (like 9, as soon as Lucy fell asleep) it was not cutting it.

This week we have tried something different. I have been going to be at a semi-decent time (ok, 10 or 11) and the boys have been getting up in the morning and amusing themselves with thier cartoons while I stayed in bed. Andrew has been my little helper man and without my even asking him to do it, he has been getting breakfast for himself and Zane. The first morning I was very grateful, the second I was thrilled and now I think I might be used to it. The boys are letting me sleep (brokenly but still I am in bed) until about 8:30 or 9 and then I get up a much happier person. I really wish that I was more of a morning person. My body just does not want to function before 8 am. The sleep deprivation I am getting with Lucy doesn't help though. I think that once she starts sleeping more I will be able to get back to my getting up around 7 or so with my guys but until then I am just sooooo grateful that they are helping me out with the breakfast bit. I guess God is letting me have this time of rest and the boys are a key part of that plan.

As a side note, Lucy is 4 weeks old today. Where has the time gone? I don't have an appointment for her until the 25th but I am definitely curious about how much weight she has gained. She is getting bigger but nothing like Zane and Andrew. She is still wearing her 0-3 months clothing (although they are almost fitting). Neither of the boys were in this size at 1 month old. They were both in 3-6 months and fast approaching 6-9 months. It is making it very hard to assume the size/season coming up. I guess I will just have to wing it! I will post new pictures of Lucy soon.

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

"I Spy" Rocks!

The boys came up with a new (at least to our house) and very useful version of "I Spy" tonight. I got to sit on the couch and say "I Spy something yellow (or some other color, you know how the game is played!) and they had to find something that was that color and put it away. Shockingly enough the game did not lose the fun factor and now I have a semi-clean living room. I am totally excited about this new way of cleaning up because it meant they were doing all the work, I get mommy points for playing a game with them and a clean living room is the ultimate result! Hooray for clean up games!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Helper Zane

Today Zane decided that he wanted to be my helper. He really likes the dishwasher and everything that goes with it. I let him put the silverware away and he did a really good job. Almost everything got put in the right spot. The only thing that was a bit off was the spoons but I have 3 different sizes of spoons and sometimes Eric and I put them in the wrong spots too. Now he just needs to get a little bigger so he can do the plates and cups too and I will turn all dishwasher duties over to him! Wouldn't that be nice :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sweet Little Sounds

Every once in a while Lucy makes a little cooing noise. It is really cute. She also will periodically concentrate on my face which is really nice. I can't wait until she starts smiling too. I find it very hard to connect with newborns and I always long for the day that I can get a reaction, any reaction other than crying out of them. Fortunately time seems to be racing on now that we have 3 kids. Time went so fast/slow with Andrew and a little bit faster with Zane but now with Lucy it is just whizzing on by! I know she will only be little for a short time and I need to enjoy every minute, which I do, but the constant sleep deprevation and lack of response can be draining. I guess I will just power on through until I start getting those smiles!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Just Hanging Out!

This weekend we had fun just chilling out and relaxing at home. It seems that we go, go, go! so much of the time and it was kinda fun to just stay at home and be mellow. The boys both looked at some books:
Andrew's search and find book.....

Zane's "Thomas the Tank Engine" search and find book. He just looks at the pictures though!

Lucy, just hanging out in her swing.

It is amazing to me that she is 2 weeks old already. Time always seems to fly by with little ones. I can tell she is growning too. Her clothes that were so big 2 weeks ago are kinda fitting now. Hmmmmm.... I wonder how fast this one is going to grow?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Zane and Lovey

I feel as though you do not know a person who lives at our house. Let me introduce you to "Lovey" Zane's blue elephant that he has had since he was a baby. Lovey goes everywhere in the house with him and is an absolute necessity when he is upset, sad or tired. Many are the night that we have to search the house for Lovey before bedtime can happen. Lovey likes to hide places like the back of trucks or under blankets. The funny part about Zane's dependance on Lovey is that it didn't start until he was in his big boy bed and could take him out of it on his own. We knew he liked Lovey before that because in his crib he would sleep on him and look for him first thing when we put him down but he never wanted to take him out. Although, I suppose we never offered to take him out for him either. It is quite sad that when Zane is upset he wants his Lovey. He will be hurt and be running to Eric or I and then suddenly stop and shriek "Lovey!" go and find him and then come to us. All while he is sobbing. Apparently Eric and I just do not have all the necessary comforting tools ourselves. Lovey's assistance is absolutely necessary. I do appreciate that Zane chose a toy for a comfort object that is easily washable/dryable and not too big or too small so it is relatively easy to find and take places when we have to (you know, like trips and vacations and stuff). It is fun to have a boy with a lovey toy!