Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To the dentist we go

This week both of the boys (and Eric and I) went to the dentist. Andrew ADORES the dentist office and was very excited to go. Actually he likes all doctor's appointments. Even the ones where he has shots. I don't know what is so exciting but he thinks there could almost be no better activity for the day. CRAZY KID!

Andrew's appointment was yesterday with Eric and he did great. They took x-ray's and his teeth looked fine. This is always a relief to me since he fell when he was about Zane's age and kinda killed one of his front teeth. They think that he will probably lose it kinda early but they do watch it in case it gets infected and needs to be pulled.

Zane went to the dentist today with me. This was Zane's first trip to the dentist and I was a little bit concerned about how he was going to act. I made Zane go first so I could be with him the whole time and I think it was good that I did because he was not very sure about all the stuff they wanted to do. I thought they were just going to count his teeth since he is only 2 but they took x-rays (which turned out kinda crooked), polished his teeth, had the dentist count them and got fluroide. He did really good until the end when the dentist was counting. Then he just kept saying "all done" and trying to suck his thumb. No comment was made about the thumb sucking so he must not be doing damage to his teeth with it.

I was just glad to have both appointments over with for this part of the year. I never know how Zane is going to react but it wasn't too bad. Thank goodness neither of them have any fillings needed yet. I can only imagine how that is going to go. I wish that we could send them to a pediatric dentist office but Eric's insurance doesn't cover it. Although for any big stuff they do refer us to one which is nice. They seem to realize they can't do everything for little ones since they don't have the "happy gas" in house. Hmmmmm.... maybe they can refer me to the kid dentist, I like the "happy gas" a lot myself.......

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