Monday, February 4, 2008

Just Hanging Out!

This weekend we had fun just chilling out and relaxing at home. It seems that we go, go, go! so much of the time and it was kinda fun to just stay at home and be mellow. The boys both looked at some books:
Andrew's search and find book.....

Zane's "Thomas the Tank Engine" search and find book. He just looks at the pictures though!

Lucy, just hanging out in her swing.

It is amazing to me that she is 2 weeks old already. Time always seems to fly by with little ones. I can tell she is growning too. Her clothes that were so big 2 weeks ago are kinda fitting now. Hmmmmm.... I wonder how fast this one is going to grow?

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joanna said...

Lucy is so adorable! It seems that once you have three or more kids the time does fly faster and they grow up so quickly (I blinked and Levi is now 2!). I am glad that baby is doing well and that you are feeling better! Hope to see you tomorrow at soup group and then I can finally see Lucy more. :)