Friday, February 1, 2008

Zane and Lovey

I feel as though you do not know a person who lives at our house. Let me introduce you to "Lovey" Zane's blue elephant that he has had since he was a baby. Lovey goes everywhere in the house with him and is an absolute necessity when he is upset, sad or tired. Many are the night that we have to search the house for Lovey before bedtime can happen. Lovey likes to hide places like the back of trucks or under blankets. The funny part about Zane's dependance on Lovey is that it didn't start until he was in his big boy bed and could take him out of it on his own. We knew he liked Lovey before that because in his crib he would sleep on him and look for him first thing when we put him down but he never wanted to take him out. Although, I suppose we never offered to take him out for him either. It is quite sad that when Zane is upset he wants his Lovey. He will be hurt and be running to Eric or I and then suddenly stop and shriek "Lovey!" go and find him and then come to us. All while he is sobbing. Apparently Eric and I just do not have all the necessary comforting tools ourselves. Lovey's assistance is absolutely necessary. I do appreciate that Zane chose a toy for a comfort object that is easily washable/dryable and not too big or too small so it is relatively easy to find and take places when we have to (you know, like trips and vacations and stuff). It is fun to have a boy with a lovey toy!

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