Friday, October 3, 2014

Elementary Cross Country Meet

The kids participated in the annual elementary school cross country meet and they had so much fun! This is the last year that Andrew will be allowed to participate because next fall he will be eligible to do cross country with the middle school.

Andrew was so excited to take 2nd place among all participating 6th grade students. He was beyond thrilled and so proud of himself.

Zane did great this year at the race. In the past he has taken a very lackadaisical approach to it and walked more than half. This year he ran though almost the entire way! I was so impressed.

 Lucy tackled her race like a champ. She started out slowly but ended up taking 6th place when it was all done.

I think we were both really surprised when they called her name for the podium but I was so thrilled to see her big smile. 

The last race of the day was the kinder/pre-k race and both Gwen and Reid were racing in it. They were very excited to get started. This was Reid's first year doing the race and I was a bit nervous with how he would do.

He started with a lot of energy. Andrew ran with him which was so sweet of him. I knew he would not get lost or confused with big brother as his guide.

Gwen is a beast when it comes to races. This girl has heart like nobodies business. She just wills herself across finish lines. It always impresses me that her drive is so strong.

By the end of Reid's race Andrew was dragging him a little bit. I think he got wore out. He said he had a great time though so I suppose we will do it again next year!

While we waited for the final race awards to be announced the boys went up into the stands. And the lure of electronics wore out. SIGH. What is it with boys and tiny game screens.

Boys of all ages...

Gwen ended up placing 3rd for her race. We were so impressed with her. She is a rock star runner for sure!

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