Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Farewell Calvin the Wonderdog

We have known for several months that Calvin was not looking good. He had a stroke a year and a half ago and we really thought that was going to be the end of him. He rallied though and came back from his stroke, not the same as before but still a friendly happy dog that was a wonderful member of our family. Well last night Calvin started shuddering as he was breathing in with every single breath. And just by watching him we knew it was time. We called the vet hospital for advice and went to the ever trusty Dr. Google for information and it all said the same thing. Calvin was in pain and was hurting. Eric ended up carrying him to the car because he could no longer stand up, he would just slump over when placed on his feet.

We arrived at the vet hospital and the receptionist took one look at him and confirmed what we already knew, he was looking very bad and we needed to make some decisions for him. I am thankful for the decision being easy. It was very hard to watch him be in that type of pain and be that out of it. He could hardly pick his head up and seemed to be in some type of spaced out zone. I have no doubt that he would have died within the next day or so but we did the right thing by him and had him put to sleep.

What can I say about Calvin? He truly was a phenomenal dog. The best family dog I have ever seen. He was so unfailingly patient with the kids and the babies. I remember that when we brought Andrew home from the hospital that he was totally uninterested in him until around 6 months later he discovered that this small little package would feed him from the high chair. He would start sniffing around our future babies as soon as we brought them home from the hospital, looking for scraps. In his later years the babies crying would bother his ears and he would howl with them when they were sobbing. His sweet little heart couldn't understand why I wasn't doing SOMETHING to make that baby happy and quiet.

Calvin had a cast iron stomach. I can not even begin to describe the amount of food he ate off counters. Dozens of cupcakes, loaves of banana bread, pound boxes of See's chocolates, all was fair game for him and he rarely was ill from it. He would slink at the slightest disapproval in our voices and look mournfully at us for his transgressions.

Calvin would let the kids tug on him. Pet him. Roughhouse with him. He would not let them climb on him. But ears, tail, gums, stealing his bone, stealing his toys, all was ok with him. He did not snap at them. At most he would groan and get up and move. He was unfailingly tolerate with them and he adored them always.

Calvin was the best dog I could ever ask for. There will be no replacing him. He was truly one in a million.

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