Saturday, December 14, 2013


Eric found a great deal on Silvertips tickets and bought them as a treat for our whole family. This was the first time we had taken all the kids to a game and it was an amazing success!

We have arrived at the point where we have enough big kids that enjoy an evening activity so it makes it worth the effort to drag the little ones out even though it is past their bedtime.

 The game was a lot of fun even though the Silvertips lost 3-6. The train horn didn't even upset any of the kids. I was worried that it was going to be way too loud for Ollie but he tolerated it well. Although the last time it blew, Eric was holding him and he looked at me and puckered up and said, "Mama."

Gwen was probably the least happy with the game. She really wanted us to buy snacks which we did not bring extra money for. She proceeded to pout a lot of the game and complain that she was so hungry and tired.

Lucy had no such issues. She mentioned at the beginning of the third period that she was hungry but was having so much fun that she didn't even fuss when we told her we were not getting anything.

We were a sleepy crew by the end but we never had any horrid behavior or fits thrown. I expected a variety of negative behavior at that time of night, so to only have a small piece of it present itself was a welcome surprise. And the biggest shock of all was that Gwen told us she had fun and wanted to come back again.

 We just might have to make that request a reality. And we might need to bring money for snacks!

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