Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow Day

It should have been our last day of school before winter break. But the weather had a different idea and decided to dump fluffy white stuff down. And unlike most of our days that they cancel school around here, this one was a legit snow day.

They kids all bundled up in their winter gear and headed out to play in the snow. They do not have a super long attention span for it so I was surprised when they played for over an hour!

They made snow angels.

Ate some snow.

And went sledding down a short hill in the greenbelt. Gwen was not exactly thrilled with the sledding. I think it freaked her out. I totally get that about her. Sledding freaks me out too!

The big boys were so heavy that they shot the sled straight into the road. That was not my favorite part of the whole sledding thing.

Back up the hill they went for another run!

Zane took Gwen down the hill which was a much more fun for her. It didn't tip on the second trip. Although Zane and her did manage to go into the road.

Since I was freezing and I felt very nervous about them potentially sliding into moving cars, I had them pack it back to our house and play closer. Andrew happily played a reindeer and pulled Lucy back to the house.

Hello Christmas Break!

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