Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pneumonia for Two

While Oliver had a very nice doctor appointment, the same was not true for Reid and Lucy. Last Friday Lucy woke up in the early morning with a really tight and nasty sounding cough. It was almost a barking croup sound and since I did not want to deal with the walk-in clinic in the middle of the weekend I took her in. Ultimately they heard crackling on her right side and diagnosed her with pneumonia. When Reid came down with a fever on Sunday and then started a similar tight sounding cough, I knew he needed to be seen when I took Ollie in for his well child check. I already had piggybacked an appointment for Lucy on to Ollie's and I was so thankful that they allowed me to have Reid seen too. Diagnosis: Pneumonia. Lucy's chest sounded so much better than last week and her antibiotics have a couple of days of work left in them. Reid started his round today. I am ready for my house to be all healthy again!

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