Sunday, May 25, 2014


 I dread potty training. I mean, I like the end result to pieces but the process? Meh. Not a fan. So it was with great trepidation I started down this road with Reid. How did I know when to start? When he actually pooped on the potty for me. In my opinion, if they are not willing to do the poo on the toilet there is no point in actually even starting the process. Because I can deal with a lot of things but poo wars are not one of them. Anyway. Reid did the poo and he has figured out how to pee on command so I knew that we could start down the road. We are going with the trusty pull ups until we are trustworthy for telling when we need to go. So far we are only running one accident a day or so. I expect him to be quite solid within the next week and ready for undies. Waiting for the kid to be ready makes for a very pleasant and positive potty training experience. Go Reid Go!

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