Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Calvin the Hurdler

When we bought this house 3 years ago we were pretty happy it had a tall 6 foot fence. Now we could leave Calvin at home in the backyard without worrying about him getting out. And we didn't have to tie him up which is distasteful for everyone. Today we put Calvin in the back and got ready to go to Costco. All of a sudden he was in the garage with us and trying to get in the van with the kids. Eric and I went and checked the gates (Calvin has figured out how to pull them open if they aren't shut tight). The gates were totally locked tight. So I put him out back again. Before I could say 'hot dog and a pop please' he was back out in the front. So this time I had Eric put him in the back and I watched through the kitchen window. Sure enough that old man dog of ours had flung himself at the side fence gate and scrambled up over the side. How is he getting younger and MORE agile as he ages??? It is almost a Curious Case of Calvin the Dog! Anyway, we had to move the dog house in front of the gate so he can't get a running start anymore. That seemed to help. Who on earth knows what that dog is going to think of next!

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