Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Princesses

The older Lucy gets the more princess crazy she gets. Today she rediscovered the tiaras that she got for Christmas. She has been wearing her crown all day. In fact she even wore it to Andrew's baseball game tonight. She has been wearing necklaces and bracelets for awhile now but I think the tiaras are starting.

Of course since Lucy was wearing one Gwen needed a tiara too. They just adore each other. It is so sweet!

Two pretty princesses!

Zane is quite proud of his sissy. He declared that Gwendalyn was the prettiest. He also denies that her middle name is Lily. He firmly believes that her middle name is Princess. I hope he always loves her so much. It will be wonderful for both of them.


Amber said...

This is adorable

Little Blessings said...

Amber- You seriously are going to have to have another girl. It is just too much fun!

Kelly and Jason said...

I love the princess look! Lucy is just so cute in her tiara, and I love Gwen's little chubby cheeks topped off with a crown! Too cute! I cannot die before I get a girl in this house!