Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who Would Have Thought?

I have mentioned in the past that Lucy spends a lot of time sleeping on the floor in our room. Last night was no exception. I have no idea when she made it to our room but I do know when she woke up.

Eric and Lucy have been playing this game lately that I find strange and unusual but somewhat fitting for both their personalities. Lucy will shape her hand like a gun and shoot at Eric. Now Eric tends to think it adorable and shoots right back at her. They have lots of awesome shooting positions and can pull off the most amazing shots such as: the around the corner shot, the behind the head shot and my personal favorite the double handed shot. I would have thought the boys would be the ones to play this type of game but no. It is my darling princess that has picked it up. Heaven help us all, Eric encourages it.

Since Eric seems to think this game is adorable I suppose it is only fitting that Lucy woke up this morning and the first thing she did was pretend to shoot Eric. The first sound I heard out of her was "pkew, pkew!" He had to ignore it or be awake at 5:05 am. I laid in bed and grinned.

And for your viewing enjoyment: Zane was upset that I was taking pictures of Eric and Lucy. This is what Zane looks like when he is NOT crying as his picture is taken!

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