Monday, November 5, 2012

Asante Children's Choir

(Top to Bottom: Bellarmin, Isaie, Fabrice)
Our church hosted the Asante Children's Choir on Sunday and they needed host homes for the children and chaperons to stay at for a few days after the concert. Since it is always "the more the merrier" at our house, we were thrilled to offer up the boys room so we could host as many kiddos as possible. We ended up with three boys and a male chaperon and I can honestly say it has been so much fun!

(Reid with Ivan)
 The kids took a little bit of warming up (Reid and Gwen in particular) but once they felt comfortable it was a huge party at our house. Reid was extremely funny with the boys. They would smile at him and he would get very shy and flirty, hiding his face in me and then peek out and smile at them. He was sitting next to me at dinner and one of the boys was sitting next to him. He kept pulling my arm over his head so he could snuggle and then peer out from under the arm and play some more. Goofy boy.

It is so much fun for the kids to be able to meet new people and experience people from different cultures. I am so sad that they are leaving tomorrow! It would have been fun to have them hang around for a few days longer!

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