Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Dance 2012

It was Thanksgiving and that can only mean one thing at our house. It is time to do the Turkey Dance!

Reid was old enough this year to get in on the action. I was pretty sure that he would love the dancing. He finds us being silly together to be the best thing EVER. Andrew even turned the corner this year. In the past he has found the turkey dance too immature and silly for him. He apparently has turned that corner though because this year he was one of my very best dancers!

I was really surprised by the energy and vivacity of the moves that they boys came up with. There was jumping, twirling, high leg kicks and spins. It really was quite impressive.

There was also possibly some turkey tackling that went on. But there was also a lot of wing flapping and gobble, gobble, gobbling.

Gwen was my long hold out on the dancing this year. She is very particular right now so I wasn't surprised that she was hesitant about getting into the action. Lucy jumped right in. She is always game for an adventure.

I don't know that I got a good picture of the wing flapping or the leg strutting. There really is nothing like the pure chaos that this dance is. Some year I am going to video it. I just need to remember to get the stuff out and be prepared before the big event. Because when the gobbling gets primed it is a hard thing to hold back!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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