Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Early Morning

There is a rule at my house about mornings. No one out of bed until the clock says 6:00. Usually this rule is followed by everyone but Gwen this morning must have forgotten what a 6 looks like because she was up at 5:40. Funny thing with Gwen though, she is really quite terrified of the dark and insists on having someone go downstairs with her to turn on the lights. Since Lucy is the nearest person to help she usually gets woken up to go downstairs. I heard Lucy stop by the bathroom and get a drink of water and say to Gwen, "Stay right here, don't be scared sister." and after her drink, "ok Gwen, let's go now." Some days they fight and bicker, but most of the time they love each other a lot and take care of each other. Melts my heart, even at 5:40 am.

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