Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lucy's 5th Birthday Party!

Lucy wanted a Hello Kitty birthday party this year and I was happy to deliver! We have had a LOT of princess parties in the past few years and I was so excited to do something different.

Lucy only had two birthday requests: PINK and a lemon cake. So we delivered with a lemon cake with pink sprinkles, pink punch and of course the Hello Kitty party gear.

Lucy was so excited to have her party. She had an order of events that needed to take place. First there was a play time. Then cake and ice cream.

Then more play time. And finally presents. I have never had a child with such specific ideas of how their party was supposed to go. It was fine and she was utterly adamant about her agenda. So we followed it. It was her birthday party after all.

I can only imagine how intricate and complicated her plans are going to get in the years to come. She was very cute though and she had a marvelous time playing with friends and opening presents. Happy Birthday Miss Lucy Fern! You are very loved and so, so special!

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Ms. Leigh said...

oh your little capricorn. LOL