Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh Andrew

Andrew has had a rough stretch at school. Academically he is a rock star and works very hard. He is extremely hard on himself though and has some serious perfectionist tendencies. There is one area he does not enjoy, writing. Specifically journal writing. Without getting into all the details and mortifying him on this blog (which is a real possibility) we have come to realize that Andrew is incredibly and intensely private. He does not like sharing his thoughts with people that he does not trust and certainly does not want them written down anywhere for just any old person to come and read.

Clearly he will not be blogging about himself anytime in the near future.

The positive that has come out of this though is that Andrew and I have had some great conversations about stuff that he never would have willingly shared otherwise. And I learned that he needed to pack more food in his lunch because every time he melted at school it was right before lunch. He hadn't been eating a snack with the rest of the class.

I am happy to report that, although it has not been completely clear sailing with school, it is significantly improved and I feel like we are going to be able to move forward in a positive direction.

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