Monday, February 4, 2013

So Worried

This morning Gwen was getting dressed and as usual she was very interested in matching with Lucy. Gwen is so picky about what she wears. She has very particular tastes and while I can guess at most of them (pink is good, almost always) some are very obscure and random. This morning was a fight to get her dressed though because she wanted to match with Lucy and didn't have anything that was the same as what Lucy was already wearing. This time of year I usually insist on the girls wearing leggings under their skirts and dresses so they will stay warm. Also I try and convince them to wear them so their panties don't show. Gwen and I were talking about how Lucy was NOT wearing leggings today (totally different post) but that maybe Gwen should so her panties wouldn't show while she was at the gym playing. She then started sobbing about Lucy's panties showing and how that would be embarrassing. SIGH, Poor little lady. She loves her sis so much.

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