Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Things!

As kids have grown and tummies have gotten bigger several changes have happened at our house. We have moved from buying our bread to baking our own bread. This has saved us an enormous amount of money in the short term but has required me to begin baking bread almost every other day. My old KitchenAid mixer only allowed me to bake two loaves at a time and we are a big bread eating type of family.

Now I am looking forward to only needed to bake once or twice a week. Hooray for tax returns that buy new/bigger appliances.

Also we have had a glider since Andrew was born. Those things are not designed to be used for almost 10 years. It was completely falling apart and when we were at Babies R Us last weekend we  found this fun recliner for a great deal! This should be wonderful for nursing babies and snuggling little ones in the night!

And because I have yet to post a picture of my baby bump, here we go. I am 28 weeks pregnant and this little man is a mover and a shaker! Getting very excited to meet him and welcome him to our family.

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