Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Ballet Recital

The second session of ballet for the girls finished today with a recital. The girls were music box dancers this time and their routine was very cute.

Lucy woke up this morning and came screaming into our room to remind us that today was her recital. It has been so much fun to see the girls embrace ballet this session. Not that they didn't have fun last time, it just seemed as though they really got it this time.

 Anxiously awaiting the recitals start.

They were the first group to perform. All slumped over waiting for their music. 

Add a twirl to the routine...

The girls got flowers at the end of the recital. They were so excited that as soon as Miss Jillian brought them out they ran up to get one. Too bad that they needed to wait until they were called.

 The recital ended with cookies and punch. It was a very favorite part of the program for everyone.

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