Thursday, January 30, 2014

Looking for Answers

Reid has never had a good gut. He has never had a solid diaper in all of his almost 3 years of life. So since we are swiftly approaching the time of a toddlers life when one thinks about potty training, we need to figure out what is actually going on with him. We know he has a dairy allergy. He has been that way for all his life. But we think there must be something else that is upsetting his system. We have taken Reid in for some allergy testing. This testing included a blood draw, stool samples and a saliva sample. I was very worried about the blood draw but Reid did great! I got some lidocaine cream and it numbed him up great. He sat like a champ for the entire blood draw. The saliva sample? Oh my. That was an hour of him screaming as we syringed 5ml of saliva out of his mouth in the middle of swimming lessons. The poor little guy has not figured out how to spit yet and he kept swallowing it. Hopefully the tests will give us some good answers though. We find out at the end of February.

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