Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Reid Update

Reid had an appointment with the allergist to check on how he is doing and find out the results of his most recent inflammation marker test. I am very happy to announce that all of Reid's inflammation numbers are back to normal level and it seems that we have conquered the yeast problem in his intestines. It is astounding to me that his levels went from 37 to less than .5, normal is under 6 (can I remember what the level is for? I cannot) and the other level went from 130 to 16, with the normal levels being under 60. So we are moving from all of the anti-fungal supplements to supplements that promote gut health to finish healing up his hydro-permable (aka leaky) gut.

We talked about how Reid's reactions to wheat seem to be getting less severe when he 'accidentally' gets wheat. There have been instances when someone has given him a graham cracker or he has eaten a cupcake off the counter without our knowledge. This is excellent news! The doctor feel like he may make a full recovery and eventually reintroduce all of his sensitivity foods back into his normal diet. In fact we are to start sparingly reintroducing the foods with the lesser reactions next month. I am very excited to return to this stage. After discussing Reid's dairy allergy we both agreed that he will likely never be able to tolerate dairy. Honestly that is ok. He is fine without it and totally content not having it. The few substitutions we have to make to accommodate this allergen seem like nothing after dealing with wheat! Hooray for a healthy improving boy.

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