Friday, June 27, 2014

Oh Reid...

So remember how Reid hadn't been feeling well and was running a fever? Well the end result of that was a bloody eye and a realization that Reid is snoring like a lumberjack. We headed in to the doctor's office again for some advice. What we ended up with was a referral to the ENT department at Children't hospital and a referral to ophthalmology to evaluate his terrible looking eye. So off we went to the eye doctor. She said that his eye looked fine. The virus that caused the fever probably caused the blood in his eye. There was no infection which was good. So we left with happy feelings about his eye and just the ENT to deal with. Then the eye doctor called me back and informed me that Reid is not seeing well. So we are headed in to get his eye sight evaluated on Monday. Could there be something else with Reid that we need to tackle? Who knows. It is likely he will need his tonsils and possibly adenoids removed because he snores constantly. And maybe he will get glasses. Although he would be adorable in glasses. He truly would.

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