Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Thursday Adventure: The Evergreen State Fair

The fair opened today and we took advantage of free entrance before 1 pm and made this our Thursday Adventure!

First stop was the horses. The girls found horses that had their names. They found that hysterically funny.

Reid was so brave this year! He wanted to touch and pet everything. Such an improvement over last year at the fair.

These baby pigs were only 1 day old. They were so tiny and sweet. Ollie even loved them.

We toured the animal barns and petted everything that was out. The loved the bunnies and the guinea pigs.

They had an actual petting zoo too. It was located where the Alaskan pig races usually are. It was a bummer to not see them this year.

They did have some fun animals in the petting zoo though. They had several deer and llamas. They also had two wallabies to touch and pet. It was great fun.

 And of course the fair is not complete without a couple of elephant ears. The boys worked for Grandpa this week and earned some money. They decided to use it on elephant ears. Makes perfect sense to me! They each at an entire one themselves!

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