Friday, August 1, 2014

Last Beach Day

This is Ollie's new 'cheese' face. Totes adorbs.

We headed to the beach with Andrew's new friend Matt for some final sandy fun. A big hole needed to be dug and some splashing needed to happen.

Lucy also needed to do her impression of a swimsuit model. Seriously. The poses she does for me while on the beach are ridiculous.

Gwen and Reid and occasionally Ollie worked on a different hole. They big boys did not appreciate tiny helping hands as much as they could have.

Gwen and Ollie hung out with me in the sun shade for quite a bit of the afternoon. It was kinda breezy so as soon as they got cold they were done in.

 I was thrilled for the company. Love them!

The tide rolled in while we finished. Hopefully the giant construction will withstand the tide. At least that is what the boys are hoping for!

This beach baby is going to be so sad to leave the sand and the sun and the waves. Well maybe not the waves. But he is an ocean baby for sure.

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