Saturday, August 30, 2014

Excited? Yes and No

The start of school is swiftly approaching and I have some excited kiddos and one that maybe is not as excited. Lucy is beside herself with glee that the start of school is approaching. She is going to be in first grade, at school all day long and she has the same teacher both of the boys had for first. All is well in her world. Not to mention that Zane has informed her repeatedly that her teacher hands out gummy worms to kids that bring box tops in from home and she is very thrilled about that!

Gwen on the other hand is feeling very uncertain about school. She gets around her siblings that are excited and she is excited. You ask her if she is excited and she tells you 'no, I don't want to go to school.' It is a very interesting things. The other day we were talking about school and she informed me she didn't like her kindergarten teacher. Now I had shown her a photo of the woman I thought would be her teacher several weeks ago. She is a very sweet lady. I asked Gwen why on earth she didn't like her since she had never met her. Gwen informed me 'she has curly hair and I don't like people with curly hair.' And that was it. She had found some reason not to like her. When it all was announced Gwen ended up with a different teacher who fortunately does not seem to have curly hair! Now she has no excuse not to like her.

They have placed Gwen in a PM class which is different for our neighborhood but I am not too upset by it. Gwen is notoriously slow moving in the morning and I am actually thrilled to think that she will not have to be up and moving quite as early this year. Now for them not to have made a mistake in her class placement! I am going to call and confirm on Tuesday morning but I think that this is the right class for her as long as the bus works out.

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