Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach Fun! Part 2

This section could also be titled Gwen's trip to the beach! I didn't know how Gwen was going to do at the ocean. This was all the kids first trip but I especially didn't know if Gwen was going to tolerate the wind and the sand and all the slightly irritating things that come with being at the beach. All in all she did great! The conference center that we were at has a wonderful kids program and it provided babysitting for all of the sessions and even some of the in-between time.

We finally got Gwen to the beach toward the end of the week. She seemed to really like the sand which was somewhat of a surprise. She still panics when I put her on the grass half the time.

Nothing like sand on the hands and then trying to suck your thumb!

We also got our Kelty kid carrier backpack back from some friends for the trip. Gwen ADORED being in the pack which made trekking to and from the beach so much easier! She didn't care so much for just being in the pack but when Daddy was walking and she got to see all the sights from up high she was happy as could be.

Napping at the beach was of course necessary. She was not so thrilled with all the sun in her eyes but snuggling with mommy always helps.

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