Thursday, June 10, 2010


Eric was playing with the kiddos in the front yard last night and I was on a run. I guess he didn't want to worry about what Gwen was getting into.

She seems awfully proud of herself doesn't she?


Kelly and Jason said...

Just make sure there aren't any coins in there! LOL!

Little Blessings said...

There is no CD player, I think we will be safe.

Kelly and Jason said...

Yes, but I also had to get him x-rayed when he was playing in the car and I fished 37 cents out of his mouth. I wasn't sure if he swallowed any, so the Dr made us go get checked. Thankfully, he was clean! I haven't had good luck with him playing in the car, but he really loves it! I LOVE that 2nd picture of Gwen, she looks SO thrilled with life!