Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Party for Gwen

Miss Gwen celebrated her first birthday today. Officially her birthday is tomorrow but we had to take the convenience of a Sunday to celebrate my super sweet Gwenie-Girl.

Gwen liked opening her presents for awhile. I think the tissue paper was a huge hit!

She wasn't so sure about the bows at first but.....

she soon got over her reluctance and accepted them as a nice new fashion statement.

Eric and I got her the super exciting present of some new princess cups. She tried to drink out of two of them at the same time so I think she liked them. Now to just keep Lucy away from them for the most part! At least until Gwen has gotten first crack!

Me and my sweet Gwen

I forgot to buy birthday candles. I usually have a whole bunch laying around the house. Apparently I used the last of them for Andrew's birthday. They will a necessary purchase in the next week or so. Gotta get ready for Zane's birthday. Fortunately a tea light candle worked just fine.

Singing to my girl

What on earth is mommy feeding me???

Mmmmmmmmm....... tasty!

Such a dainty eater. She really only had a few bite before she tried to throw it on the floor. Crazy kid. It was really good carrot cake too!


Amber said...

happy birthday Gwen!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! She is just too cute!