Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zane's 5 Year Old Checkup

Yesterday was the day for Zane's 5 year old checkup. His birthday isn't until next week but I thought we would get it out of the way. I managed to have 4 doctor's appointments in 3 days! It has been a crazy week for sure. Zane is doing great. He is still a big boy but that is what we expect from him at this point.

Height: 46.75" (98%)
Weight: 51# (94.5%)

I was pleasantly surprised that he was that low on the percentages for weight. The height kinda surprised me though. I think maybe he was looking a bit down or not standing super straight because I am pretty sure he is closer to 4 feet. Even so, he is currently an inch and a half taller than Andrew was at 5. My wallet is already hurting for the teenage years.

The biggest event of the day was that Zane needed to get his kindergarten shots. He is not going to attend this fall but I wanted to have all my ducks in a row for when I register him next spring. Eric and I prepped him for days about the shots. Talked about them, encouraged him to be a big boy. Mentioned that this is the last time he would have to have them done for YEARS. Well, the one positive thing I can say is that he did tolerate receiving the shots without a fight. However he HOWLED for at least 20 minutes after getting the shots. To add insult to injury Zane also needed to get his iron level checked. Sweet mercy, you would have thought they were planning on murdering him. He kept yelling he was going to have to get a finger shot too. Eric took him back to the lab and he started shrieking as soon as they poked his finger. I think he would have been fine for the iron test if he hadn't just had shots in both arms. He has had the finger poke before and didn't flip out like that at all. Zane finally calmed down when they gave him a granola bar to eat. Thank goodness for comfort food. In his defense it was lunchtime and he was hungry. I am just glad that it is not an experience that I will have to repeat with him any time soon.

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