Saturday, September 25, 2010


Saturday mornings this fall have been quite busy with soccer for both of the boys. Up until now I have not had the energy to deal with bringing the camera to the games but since the weather looked to be quite nice today I thought I would chance it! On a typical Saturday Andrew will play a game in the morning at 9:00. Sometimes home, sometimes away. Andrew's game lasts 55 minutes (two 25 minute halves and a 5 minute break for intermission) and is much more strategy oriented than the little guys on Zane's team. This year they are playing with a goalie for the first time and it has proved to be quite entertaining. Andrew's team won their first game today and although his coach was excited with the win she was MUCH more excited with the improvement in position playing as well as the passing to each other the team was doing. Andrew played one of his very best games and even scored a goal! As Andrew progresses as a player we are seeing a trend/preference toward the defensive positions rather than the forward/offensive positions. Although when he was playing forward today he really came on quite impressively and played good and aggressive.

Zane is playing rockets this year and Eric is his coach. Rockets is wonderful since they only play/practice on Saturdays. All Zane's games are at 10:45 which works out great for both Eric and I to be able to watch all of Andrew's game. Also, Zane plays at the same field as Andrew does when he is the home team. It makes it extremely nice to be able to just move chairs to a different part of the field. Zane is having fun his first year of soccer but we are definitely seeing that he is a year younger than most of the other kids on his team. He is exactly one month too young to be playing this year and it is quite apparent that he is not as emotionally ready as the other boys on his team. It will be interesting to see if he wants to continue playing next year. I think another year of maturity will do wonders for him though!

Gwen is having a marvelous time playing with all the different soccer balls at the field. She periodically steals them from random people and runs on the field. Usually she is no where near the action though. I can see we are going to be quite the soccer family in the years to come.

Today as we drove to the games Lucy asked if she was going to play soccer today. Nope not yet. But I know that she is going to want to when the time comes. She already naturally dribbles the ball and can do an overhead throw in that sometimes looks better than the ones that Zane's team does. Lucy is just scrappy. I can see her really enjoying soccer a lot. She may look like a cream puff princess but inside she is tough as nails!

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-Eric said...

There are no intermissions in soccer. It's call half-time. Too many operas for you.